Written by ColinJames24

28 Aug 2012

I recently got chatting to an elderly gentleman, mid 60’s, on a chat room on another site. For a long time I have held a fantasy wanting to please an older man, to touch and suck him and hear him cum so I got talking to Bill (name-changed) and after a few chats and some very horny phone calls we met up.

I took a day off work and drove the short distance to his house. Upon knocking he led e in to his clean and tidy home. My heart was pumping and I found it hard to breathe I was so excited about what might happen and looking at Bill’s flushed face he obviously felt the same.

Bill was married to a slightly younger woman who was out at work but they had not had sex in years as due to aging he found it hard to get fully erect. Bill made me a drink and we chatted about this and that for a while. Bill then put down his cup and looked at me, with a shaking voice he asked me if I would like to go upstairs. I agreed and we made our way upstairs with Bill leading the way.

He led me into what was obviously the spare room and I saw the windows were shut and the covers on the bed were pulled back. There was a TV in the corner and Bill asked if I would like to watch a porno, I said yes and he went to get on. With Bill gone I kicked off my shoes and socks and lay on the bed.

Bill came back and put on the DVD which showed a young blonde girl being fucked by two men. Bill sat next to me on the bed and for a few minutes we watched in silence. After awhile I knew I needed to speed things up so I undid my jeans and pulled them and down and reached into my boxer shorts and started to wank my already hard cock. I could feel Bill watching and my cock twitched as I became more and more turned on.

I reached over and cupped Bill’s cock and he moaned as I gently squeezed it.

“Take off your trousers.” I said, my voice shaking.

Bill did as I asked him and he pulled off his trousers and pants so his naked cock lay against his thigh. His cock was small and lay limp but his balls were large and hung between his legs. I put my hand on his cock and squeezed.

I got onto my knees and pulled off my clothes so I was naked before kneeling in-between Bill’s legs.

“This is for you.” I said.

Bill smiled and reached out and ran his hands down my chest and over my stomach until he placed his hands on my hard cock. I moaned as his hands wanked me and I had to stop him or I would have come there and then.

I lowered my head and grabbed Bill’s cock before wrapping my lips around it. I could smell his mustiness but it turned me on even more. As I sucked his flaccid cock my hands massaged his heavy balls.

“I can’t get hard.” He said. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be. I love your cock and balls, and could suck them all day.” I said.

Bill laughed. “And I would love to cum all over you.” He said.

I smiled and went back to sucking his cock. As I played with him I could hear the sounds of the porno from behind me and Bill was now panting slightly. His cock had hardened and grown but was still no where near erect.

“Oh yes, good boy, your hot mouth feels so good.” He said.

I smiled and sucked harder and gently biting his cock.

Bill stopped me and with his face bright red he asked if I would wear some of his wives knickers. I said I would love to and he went to get them, returning with a paid of black satin pants. I pulled them on and Bill stood up next to me. He kissed me and ran his hand over my silken clad cock. I kissed him back and cupped his arse pulling him towards me.

Bill lay back on the bed and I climbed on top of him, rubbing the silky panties against his crotch.

“Will you fuck me?” He asked.

I nodded and sat up. Bill sat up and opened a draw on the bedside table and took out a small bottle of lube and a three pack of condoms. I slipped a condom on as Bill lubed up his bum.

Bill spread his legs and I coated by cock in lube and moved between his legs.

“Be gentle.” He said. “It has been a long time since I had anything bigger than my finger up their.”

“Well I have done Anal, so I will go slow.”

I pushed my cock into Bill’s tight bum and felt it open easily and I slid in. Bill was now panting as he lay back and I held my cock inside of his arse, unable to believe what I was doing and needing to calm down before I moved.

Eventually I had calmed down enough to be able to slide my cock slowly in and out and I started to move thrusting up inside of Bill and making him gasp.

He started to moan and call me a little bastard and how he loved my cock. His eyes were closed and I moved in and out slowly. Bill grabbed his cock and started to wank it as I fucked and I could see it starting to harden, the head of his penis poking out of his foreskin.

I could feel my own orgasm coming and knew I would last much longer. I pulled out and pulled the slippery condom off and wanked my hard cock.

“Cover me in your hot cum.” Bill said looking up at me.

That pushed me over the edge and I shouted out as I shot my cum all over Bill’s chest and stomach. Bill rubbed it into himself and when I had done coming he grabbed my head and forced it down onto his cock.

“Suck me off you little bastard.” He said.

His cock was a lot bigger and harder now, still not fully erect, but his red head peeped out and I pulled back his foreskin and sucked on it. Bill moaned and ran his hands over my hair and pushed my mouth down his cock.

Suddenly Bill pushed me away and stood up. I was knelt on the floor and he stepped up to me.

“Suck my cock slut.” He said.

I obediently opened my mouth and he started to slap my face with his cock before feeding it into my mouth. I started to suck on his shaft as I played with his heavy balls and he was now semi-hard, his shaft long and slippery slid in and out of my mouth and I gagged as he pushed to the back of my throat.

“I am going to cum.” Bill said, sounding shocked and desperate at the same time.

I pulled my head back and his cock slid out of my mouth and I wanked his slippery shaft as he panted above me. I felt his arse and legs tense and with a groan Bill thrust forward and shot his cum all over my face.

It must have been ages since he had last cum as there was so much spunk leaking out of his cock. Only the first shot of cum hit my face and the rest just leaked out over my hand but it dripped down onto the floor as it ran out of his cock.

Bill’s legs shook and he sat down on the bed, his soft again cock covered in cum. His face was red and he was panting and for a moment I was worried he was going to keel over but he got his breath back and smiled at me knelt on the floor, still wearing his wives knickers, with his cum on my face and hands.

We spent another few hours together in the room and while I couldn’t get Bill hard again I came a few more times, once when Bill sucked me off and the other when he wanked me into his wife’s knickers as I bent over the bed with his tongue in my arse.

We will defiantly meet again and I can’t wait for it and when we do I will update you if you like.