Written by Joey Macintosh

2 Sep 2007

I am a musician, I play guitar in a band. I am good friends with our bass player, Chris, who has long dark hair and is very good looking. In fact he is pretty and looks like a girl.

I keep having fantasies about him. When I watch him play his bass he looks so beautiful. He has lovely brown eyes and a sweet little cupid's bow mouth, like a girl's mouth really.

I don't consider myself gay but Chris is so pretty, I fancy him.

I fantasize about kissing his sexy lips. It would be like kissing a girl.

I know he has a beautiful, slender body, we went swimming together a few times. He's smooth all over.

Lots of times I lay in bed in my hotel room wishing he was in bed with me, naked.

In my fantasy I tell him he's pretty. I stroke his long, silky hair and kiss his sexy little mouth. We caress each other's naked bodies and kiss for hours, delicious wet kisses, our tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths.

I imagine the feel of his cock rubbing against mine, getting hard as we kiss. I slide my hand over his bare bottom and feel the soft cheeks.

He lets out a little girly moan as my finger touches his sweet little bum hole.

I feel his hand slide down between our naked bodies and take hold of my cock...

It's such a lovely, sexy fantasy...I get so hard thinking about it. Chrissie and me, naked, in bed, kissing, sucking each others cocks, fucking each other's bottoms. I fancy him so much...it would be so nice if he fancied me too...