Written by Lucky boy

10 Feb 2012

I work as a cleaner at a sports club in raynes park.i spend a lot of time in the male changing rooms looking at naked men all day as i clean around them.most are clueless and just stand there naked looking at themselves in the mirrors wwhilst i check them out.there are a lot of hot men but one stands out and to make matters better hes gay as fuck.

Hes a half cast with long curly hair and a totally smooth body with a 7 inch cut Cock.He is one horny fucker,he stands in front of the mirror stark naked rubbing oil all over himself and i mean everywhere,cock balls butt cheeks and every inch of his body.When he does his legs he makes sure his arse is facing whoever is around so they get a great view of his fuckhole,im always there or there abouts.So i was at the end of my shift so went and had a shower as i was going out that night when i saw him in the shower besides me.The cheeky fucker opened his door and started soaping up looking at me straight in the eye.i opened the door of my cubicle and did the same.He was looking at my body and cock which was starting to grow so i put my towel around my waist and went to where my clothes were.

He thankfully followed me to where i was and went into the only private cubicle next to me and gestured for me to come in,so i did.i went straight in for the kiss and he responded by kissing me back with real passion.i had his towel off his waste and could feel his cock pressing against me and boy it was getting hard.He pushed my head down so i got down on my knees and took his hot throbbing cock in my mouth. i could taste pre cum on the tip of his cock as i took a good 4 inches of his cock in my mouth before i started to gag.i was feeling his balls in my hand and they were quite a size so i took my mouth off his cock and onto his balls and gave them a good suck.

After a while he pulled me up and turned me around and started rubbing his cock around my arsehole.I wanted him in me so badly i started pushing back towards his cock and it just slipped in nice and easy.I had every inch in me and it felt so good i couldnt help myself but to push back against him.He started fucking me harder and harder and pulling on my shoulders to get every inch inside me.i was loving it and by the sounds he was making he was aswell.I leant back to feel his balls as they were slapping against mine,that was the light which lit the spark.He rammed his cock in me so hard i thought i was going to be split in two but holy crap it felt good,then he shot his load deep inside me.after he finished pumping his cum in me he pulled out and kissed me and said hed like to do that again. i was over the moon,its become a regular session now.