Written by s3xslave

25 Oct 2014

so this story is 100% true

like a fair few on here I fooled around with my sexuality in my teens sadly that came to an end and I concentrated on girls, until recently.

I was away on a stag do and rather annoyingly I had stuck out at the nightclub so sulked back to the hotel, I was in such a horny mood and wanking just wasn't cutting it for me so I downloaded an app (well known) and got talking to a bloke who was in the same hotel. my horniness got the better of me and I thought why not so I agreed to go to his room

I knocked on the door and was greeted by a bloke in his mid 50s (im 29) he was in fairly good shape and wasn't repulsive lol he looked at me and smiled, invited me in. the door closed behind me and straight away his hands was on my arse and hips. he turned me round and kissed me as he undid his dressing gown to reveal his quickly stiffening cock. it was a nice size 7 inches and thick, I took it in my hands and started playing with it he stopped kissing me and just looked at me before pushing my head down towards his cock, I took the hint and started sucking his cock, he was quickly moaning and didn't belive it was my first time sucking a cock (it wasn't but was easier to say it was than to explain I hadn't done anything in years) after 5 mins he stops me as he didn't want to cu. he told me I was over dressed and helped me strip off, sucking his cock had turned me on so I had a raging hard on, he directed me to the bed and told me to get on all fours. I said no at first but he said I will love it and to trust him, I eventally did it and he started running his hands up my legs and started teasing my cock and balls, he then pressed his finger against my arse which felt so good I almost shot across the room, he noticed this and laughed and started kissing down my back and around my arse cheeks. eventally he brought his tounge to my hole and proceeded to rim me (first time ever getting this) it felt so nice. he lubed up his fingers and slid one in which made me moan he took his time and slid in another one, commenting on how tight I was. the situation got to much for me and I cum with out him touching me, he laughed at this and said well looks like I need to fuck you before you change your mind (now knowing that most blokes cum and then go straight away) he pushed his cock up against me and slowly slid in, it was a strange mix of pleasure and pain, I went to move away but he held onto me hips, just bare with me he said. after a while the pain went and he continued sliding his way into me in a rocking motion, I hear him mutter fuck it and then felt him rapidly picking up speed after a while he was fucking me as hard as he could...I was in heven and have never been fucked that hard since. it wasn't long until I felt him tense up and felt his cock throbbing in me, he pulled out and told me to go now

I really do need to get intouch with my bi side more often lol