25 Jun 2018

A couple of weeks ago I injured my back at work (or so I thought). After the initial days of laying up it still had not resolved itself. I went to our GP who advised I get to a physiotherapist who would manipulate my muscles and lower back. I looked through the list and found one locally to me, calling up and making the appointment for Monday.

I told my wife that I needed this to get me better and that it was not going to be a massage parlour with sexy little birds who provide 'extras'. On the Monday I went to the clinic and waited for the physiotherapist to call me in. Graham was about 50 and obviously worked out. He went over the incident and assessed me telling me to get on the table and lie face down. I did as he asked but he then told me to slip out of my track bottoms and top as he would not be able to feel my muscles through them. Thinking no more of it I removed them and lay there in my briefs.

He began feeling my spine and started to massage the muscle that runs from the neck/ shoulder to the top of my buttock. he told me that it was most likely a trapped nerve from the description of the pain and how I was moving. I could feel myself relaxing and the initial discomfort was easing off. After a little while his hands moved to the top of my 'Glute' and as he kneaded it I felt a 'twinge'.

He turned me onto my back and moved my leg bending my knee towards my chest. This was stretching my muscles and I could feel it pulling in the groin. I was not sure but I also thought he was semi hard as he pushed himself against me when stretching my leg up. It was not so much as a hard lump bumping as opposed to a slow rubbing movement. I thought I was mistaken and let him continue the process. He moved his hands onto my thigh muscle and started to massage it getting his fingers right into my groin.

Occasionally the back of his hand 'brushed' against my cock and I tried not to react. He must have noticed and the occasions became a little more frequent and so did the twitch in my briefs. He smiled and told me not to worry as he was aware of the reaction that some guys have to this. It became more difficult for me to lay there and ignore the rubbing action and soon I was becoming quite hard.

That's when he surprised me and said he was having the same reaction, I felt myself blush and his hand eased onto my hard cock gently squeezing me saying "relax its ok".

Now he started to stroke me through my briefs and slowly made me fully hard. I felt his other hand slip under the waist band of my briefs as he began to ease my cock out of them. His tongue circled my nipple and he took it between his teeth softly licking it. I was feeling so horny as this previously unknown man began to wank me.

Such was the feeling I started to groan as his hands moved tighter and quicker on my cock. It was then he lifted from my nipple and his lips met mine. His tongue slipped between my lips and he kissed me deeply, still stroking my cock.

His kiss was so hard and forceful that I became even more excited and hungrily kissed him back. I realised that I had taken hold of him and was pulling him onto me wanting his mouth to ravish mine. For a moment I froze and asked about the other people outside. He told me I was the last client of the day and that his receptionist was already gone.

I pulled him back against me and started to kiss him again. At no time had he stopped stroking my cock and he pulled away from me asking "did you like that"?

I told him "I loved being kissed" and "I want more". With this he undone his trousers and pushed his hand inside pulling his cock out. His cock was nearly fully erect and he told me to "open up" as he stepped towards me. I knew what he wanted and I so wanted to taste his hard cock too. I eased towards his thick cock and he offered it to my lips.

Now he let go of my cock and slid his cock into my mouth pulling me onto it with his free hand. I took as much as I could and he started to fuck my mouth. His cock moved deeper and deeper into my mouth each time and I was sucking him hard. Gasping for breath each time his cock hit the back of my throat until it was fully down. I was being mouth fucked by a big hard cock and loving it. Graham pulled his monster cock out of my mouth and slowly rubbed it over my lips and face as he squeezed his pre cum over me. It tasted good on my lips and tongue as i licked it off his cock.

He went over to the side and came back ith a bottle of oil which he poured over my cock and his. He stroked my cock with one hand and eased the other between my ass cheeks rubbing his fingers over my hole. I was stroking his cock as he stood there wanking me when one of his fingers slid into me. I gripped it and he began to work into me then a second and a third. My hole was being stretched and worked open by Graham and it felt so horny. He moved to the endo of the table and pulled me down it, i slid allong easily because of the oild on me and the table.

I was now positioned at the end of the table as Graham lifted my legs and put them over his chest, I knew what was comming and was eager to have his big hard cock inside me. I could feel the tip of Grahams cock through the condom he had slipped over it against my hole as he worked it up and down and then as he started to push it into me. He gave one hard push and my hole succumbed to his cock sliding into it. He pushed slowly in until he was fully inside me and eased out. Then he fucked me slow and deep to start making sure it was all the way in and began to pick up the pace. After a good while he started to really force that cock into me and got much faster asking me how it felt and if i liked it.

God, I loved it. Being taken by this thick hard cock and getting fucked hard was such a good feeling. I was being used and wanted more.

Graham was really fucking me hard and fast and I knew he would not last much longer. He told me he was going to cum soon and that he wanted me to swallow it. I wanted to feel him cum in me but also wanted to drink every last drop of his cum.

He slowed his fucking and pulled out of my well fucked hole moving his cock to my mouth he pulled the condom off and forced hish cock into my hungry mouth and began to fuck my mouth again.

This time I was going to take all of his cum and he was not pulling out of me. He held my head and pulled me onto his hot cock as his fucking of my mouth got quicker. I sucked and wanked his cock and soon he was saying that he was going to cum.

The first shot of cum was so hard and deep it was right down my throat making me cough he pumped and pumped ropes of hot creamy cum into my mouth and then over my face as I sucked and swallowed it, Graham was spent but his semi hard cock was still in my mouth as I sucked and licked all of his cum from it making sure I squeezed the last drops into my mouth.

It was then Graham finally took my cock into his mouth and sucked me. I was so fucking horny that I was cumming in minutes which he duly shared with me kissing me and forcing my cum into my mouth with his tongue.

When we finally compsed ourselves I realised that my back pain had almost gone and I was feeling much better.

Graham asked if I would come back on Wednesday for more treatment,

"Only if I can have more of that" was my answer and he booked the appointment confirming that I would get exactly what I needed.

I left shortly after and it was nearly 10:00, almost 2 hours of treatment and I was feeling so good.

When I got home, the wife asked how I was feeling and if I had to have more visits to the physio?

I told her that he had 'stretched' all of my muscles and he was going to do the same again on Wednesday.

I cant wait for Wednesday I thought to myself....