Written by Johnny

20 Nov 2008

The story about Formby brought me back memories too.I have a little problem with ejaculating[coming off]. As a young man I had sex with girls but found I could,nt come off inside them. I used to pretend to come,then later I would wank myself off,this would take up to half an hour. I moved to live in Southport. One day I went in the old block of toilets,about ten cubicles,large holes between each one,a wankers paradise.

I met a guy in there who invited me to his house.We stipped off and played with each other.He came off fairly quickly,but try as he could he did,nt wank me off. I stayed over the night with him,he came off a few more times and eventually brought me off early in the mornig. He suggested the dunes at Formby to me,wear just swimming trunks,he advised,the smaller the better.

I bought boys trunks,size 10 to 12 years old. I drove to where he mentioned,very isolated.I undressed in my car and with some difficulty and a bit of stretching got the swimming trunks on,they were a pale yellow. I walked by the woods to the dunes,there did,nt seem to be soul around.I heard a cough,I stood looking around,another cough. I walked towards it,layed a hollow there was a guy,probably in his 50s completely naked.

Lost,he said casually,making no attempt to cover himself,not really I replied. Like your trunks, he smiled,thanks I said.His cock was large,though not erect,I saw it move then rise slowly,he just lay there with his hands behind his head.Staying or going, he asked smiling at me. I smiled back and knelt on the sand beside him. He took his hands from behind his head and started to play with his cock,he was rock solid in seconds.

There was suddenly no way my tiny trunks could contain mine,I stood up and pushed them down and stepped out of them.Nice one,he said,can I suck it,he was,nt wasting time. Neither was I, yes I said and moved closer to him.He got on his knees took my cock in his hand, wanked me a few times then took it in his mouth,holding and fondling my balls he moved my cock in and out of his mouth,I was loving it.He was wanking himself.He was trying hard to suck me off,but that was,nt going to happen.

Let me suck yours, I said.He lay back on the sand,his legs apart,I got on all fours,his hand was immediately between my legs wanking my rather wet cock.I took his cock in my mouth,really salty from his precum,I tongued and sucked it.He was wanking me fast,it was clear he wanted to bring me off.He started moaning,he put his free hand on my head,jerking his cock in and out of my mouth , his hand moving still faster on mine.He stopped wanking me and gripped my cock tightly,I felt his hot spunk hit the back of my throat,he did,nt know I was smiling. Even though I was swallowing my mouth was still filling.

He released his grip on my cock,I felt his body go limp,I swallowed all his spunk,but continued to suck on his cock.He pushed my head away. Not a word was spoken as he retrieved his underpants and shorts from his bag,I sat back on my haunches wanking myself as I watched him dress.See you later,he said and hurried away.I let my cock go down, put my trunks back on and lay on the sand. What I had,nt realised,we were being watched,within a couple of minutes as I lay with my eyes closed I heard footsteps come towards me.

It,s a nice day a voice said. I opened my eyes and looked up. I could see up the leg of his shorts,he knew he was exposed. I noticed the binoculars around his neck.He just stood there looking me up and down,his eyes resting on my trunks.His cock was lifting the leg of his shorts as it began to rise,he reached and pulled the leg upwards completely exposing his cock,his balls looked very inviting. I reached towards him,he knelt down and put his cock in my hand,I started to wank him. His hand went between my legs feeling me through my trunks,then inside them pulling my cock free,he wanked me very gently. I,ve not got a lot of time,he said,my wifes waiting in the car,wank me off.I was dissapointed,I was enjoying his gentle wanking. He gripped my hand tightly onto his cock and started to wank himself off,it did,nt take long,his back arched as he held my hand even tighter ,I felt his spunk come through the shaft,it really spurted from him,I could,nt avoid it,I felt the heat as it landed on me.He finished coming. He was wearing underpants under his shorts,I watched as he tucked his semi erect cock back in them.

It was obvious there were plenty of guys around looking for casual sex. I removed my trunks and lay naked on the sand,I dozed off to sleep. I usually get an erection while I,m sleeping.