Written by Johnny

21 Nov 2008

I must have dozed for a little while,then I was aware that I was,nt completely alone.I kept my eyes closed. I had a great desire to rub my erect cock but decided to see what might happen,I could feel my cock twitching.I was aware that whoever was here had moved closer to me,I could hear their breathing,I continued pretending to be asleep.

I felt fingers touch my cock,I felt it jerk to the touch. A finger moved very gently up and down my shaft,I snored softly and parted my legs. The fingers probed my balls.then encircled my cock and started to wank me,I moaned my appreciation, wriggling my hips,the wanking increased.I opened my eyes and looked into the face which was looking at me.

It was a young man with blonde hair,he smiled at me as he continued to wank me,nobody spoke.He was wearing a teeshirt and white football shorts,he was on his knees. It was obvious he had no underpants on,his cock was bulging hard against the thin material of his shorts.I reached and stroked the inside of his thighs,his skin was really smooth. I moved my hand up the loose leg of his shorts,his balls were hot.He moved closer to me,my hand went around his cock,it throbbed in my grip,he was moaning. He removed his teeshirt,his body was hairless.He reached for the waistband of his shorts,I removed my hand. He stood up and looked around,we were still alone,he lifted his shorts over his cock and removed them.What there was of his pubic hair was blonde,almost unnoticable,his balls looked completely smooth,with a pink glow.

He placed a knee either side of my hips and came down on me, he rubbed his cock backwards and forwards on mine. He lowered himself further and his lips pressed against mine his tongue pushing into my mouth,our tongues played together as his cock girated on mine.He seemed oblivious of the footsteps that approached.He was an elderly guy,he stood watching us,I winked at him ,he winked back.He undid his trousers and took out his limp cock and started to wank himself,it took him a while but he got himself an almost erect cock.

My blonde friend sat up on my lap,he seemed totally unconcerned about the elderly guy,he wanked his own cock with his left hand as he wanked mine with his right.The elderly guy came closer and offered his cock for sucking,blondie opened his mouth and took it in,I watched it harden fully in his mouth. He pulled it out and wanked himself,then he was on his knees sucking both our cocks in turn. Blondie was first to let go,he held the guys head onto his cock and started to fuck his mouth,I thought he would choke him.He was bouncing up and down on my cock,I held his balls,he was filling the old guys mouth,his jerking stopped. The old guy turned away and spat the spunk from his mouth. Blondie climbed off me,we both watched him as he casually used his teeshirt to clean his still erect cock.

He pulled his shorts on and sat close by.Can I suck you off the old guy said,you,ll be my fourth today,I stood up my legs apart,he grabbed my balls and took my cock in his mouth,blondie watched.I knew this guy was going to suck me off.