Written by Johnny

21 Nov 2008

His hands held tightly on my arse cheeks as he devoured my cock.Blondie sat a little way off watching,a smile on his face.He was looking about for intruders.There was just the three of us.The old man was sweating in his efforts.He stood up and removed his sandals, quickly followed by his trousers shirt and underpants.His cock was no longer erect,it was long,it hung meekly between his legs,he had very low hung balls. He put his hand in his mouth and removed his dentures and put them in his trousers pocket,that made Blondie smile.

I continued to wank myself during this interlude.He knelt in front of me again and sucked my cock into his toothless mouth. He chewed on my cock,it was a fantastic feeling.Without his teeth his mouth felt as hot and wet as any cunt I,d ever entered. One hand held my arse cheek the other tightly holding my balls.I felt myself pushing in and out,I felt my spunk rising,I thought I was coming,but then as often happens to me I could,nt come.

The old man looked up at me,you were nearly there son he said,but I need to rest my jaw.He walked behind me reached around me and took my cock in his hand and wanked me really fast,his limp cock and loose balls beating into my arse. Blondies hand was playing with himself through his shorts,I could see he was erect again. He slipped his shorts off and sat wanking as he watched my cock getting a real beating.

He came and joined us,I took his cock and wanked him. The old man wanted both again,he stood between us and expertly wanked both our cocks.I could,nt resist it I played his limp cock,at first the head swelled and prising out of his foreskin,it was a deep purple,slowly his shaft began to fill my hand,Blondie reached for his balls and played with them,though not reaching full hardness it was a considerable size. Lie down he said to me,I will suck you off.I lay on the sand my head supported on a mound,he got on all fours,looked at Blondie and said give him your cock to suck,I am going to suck him off.He took my cock deep into his toothless mouth,Blondie knelt over my face and put his cock to my lips, I opened my mouth he pushed it in,he started fucking my mouth his balls hitting of my chin.With my hand I moved the old man in a position where I could reach his cock,he was still reasonably hard.

I wanked him as he sucked and chewed harder and faster on my cock while he pulled and squeesed my balls. I was suddenly aware of Blondies more urgent action in my mouth,he was about to come again.Suddenly I knew I was going to come off,I wanked the old man like fuck,I did,nt care if I was hurting him. I sucked harder on Blondies cock,I wanted his spunk. I felt my body spasm, I felt my spunk shooting through my shaft,I heard the old man choke as the force of it hit his throat,I felt my own spunks heat as it ran from the old mans mouth and still I was coming. Blondie was filling my mouth with his sweet tasting cum,I gulped it down and sucked harder to get as much as I could.Suddenly the old mans body began to jerk,like a dog fucking a bitch he was fucking my hand,I held his cock tight. Blondie took his cock from my mouth just in time for me to watch the old man spunk ooze from his cock,I was surprised how much, He lifted his head from my cock and spat my spunk out,then lay back on the sand and actually started to wank himself,he was obviously making the most of his erection,Blondie was already sleeping ,I closed my eyes.