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"Audition for more"

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Author's Notes

"True to my wishes I enjoy everything I want to do."

My thoughts continue to remind me of my inner secret desire to continually exploring my bi side further.

This is my fourth recall of a visit to a sauna club. It starts the day before as I secretly plan to visit the sauna I begin by preparing myself. By ensuring I am clean shaven and what I could end up doing.

Driving up I can feel the excitement in me building up and cannot stop thinking about allowing someone to touch me and lead me to the dark rooms.

As usual I pay my fee and can see the from the cctv screen on the reception naked guys wondering in the lounge area. My cock already telling me to undresss and get in there. It takes me seconds to get undressed everything placed in the locker. I takeout some lube and rub it around my hole to ensure it’s nice and wet and ready in case someone wants me.

I head straight to the dry sauna and find myself in there with two people who were in the section to one side that was much darker. I could not see much but could hear groans which can could only mean someone was pleasing someone. I sat next to the entrance and tried to look in hard to tell but could see a guy on his knees with his head moving up and down. This was really turning me on as I am thrilled by the thought of group sex. The two did not seem to bother with me looking in so I took the courage to move into this room which was very small. Squeezing in I rubbed against the man being blown he instantly grabbed my cock and naturally I let him play with my cock. I was hard and he indicated to me to move up so that he could suck my cock as I did the other guy looked up and gave my balls a rub. It was hot naturally and we were all getting very excited however I resisted in cumming as I wanted more. I don’t know what it is but I had the urge to have a nice cock in me so I pulled away from his mouth bent in front of him to help the other guy as I wanted to suck his cock. I felt a hand on my bum and then a finger picking my hole so I pushed like a slut encouraging that I wanted more. As I was concentrating on this moment the sauna door opened and two other guys walked in sat the other side where I was before. They new each other as they spoke just as I looked up to see who they were stood in front was a guy with a really large cock with pre cum running off his bell. Not sure what came over me but I just went with my urge and wrapped my lips round it and licked it. The smell in the room and the heat was immense and we all seem to just naturally play with each other. One of the guys turned round and raised his rear and this was the sign for another guy to move in and start licking and rimming him it was amazing and then I could see the guy was bent ready to be fucked just how I would want it. He was certainly going to get it by not one but two of the guys who took it in turns. I could not take my eyes of the action and maybe when you get so excited you do not realise but I was getting to a point that I wanted the same. By now I was near the entrance as there was not much room. The door opened again and it was really getting busy and body’s touching each other. I felt a reasonable cock against my bum and it’s was rubbing up and down my crack. It felt nice so I began to bend slightly to allow a better glid and allow the cock head to get near my hole. I felt some wet fluid suddenly being applied to my hole not able to turn to see I just about managed to bend enough for this cock to enter my back side. It was a little uncomfortable but I did nit want that to put me off and I just accepted it and within few attempts and a little more bending he was in me and began to get into a rhythm. Trying to balance I had to hold onto a guys back that was giving head to another guy it was like a gang bang happening right in front of me. I could hear more groans and it was probably two of us getting a good fuck and others being blown. I could smell cum and as this going on few guys were cumming and spreading it on each other some were lapping the cum and some were not. Not sure how long I was in this sauna but I had a pleasurable experience. As this all came to an end slowly guys left to get showered and move on. I got my towel just wiped myself and sat in the sauna for 5 mins before I went and showered. Fleeing my back side I could feel wet cum so pushing a finger in I could feel that I was full of warm cum. I cleaned up and continued my journey to the dark rooms not as much action was going on until I went to the top floor here there was a guy laid in a bed sucking a cock two guys stood over him

Wanking away. Was not sure what all that was about so I decide to leave them to it. As I was about to go back down a guy was coming up made contact with me looked at my cock licked his lips and was very suggestive so I smiled at him and without any further talk we followed each other into a dark room. I told him I prefer to be bottom he smiled unwrapped his towel to revile a reasonable size cock. I grabbed it felt good started playing with it and looked round the small room managed to grab some lube and before I knew it he was in me felt ok even though he insisted on wearing a condom. Still felt good but I would have liked bareback. That didn’t for me and I was soon ready to find my way out. Back to the real world but full of my dirty secrets fulfilled once more.

Written by raj47r

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