Written by cocksuckingman

23 Jan 2013

Following my recent, and very enjoyable afternoon at my local adult cinema I decided that a return visit was in order. I had a couple of hours spare so took myself along, signed in and push the door to go into the screening rooms. As I opened the door an older chap was coming the other way, and I recognised him from my last visit. He obviously recognised me too as by the time I had made my way to the back row, he had turned around and followed me. I sat on the end of the row next to the aisle, and he came over and sat next to me, immediately pulling his cock out and starting to slowly stroke a rather nice looking 7” cock. I took this as my cue and dropped to my knees between his legs as gently ran my tongue all over the large tip, before slowly sliding my lips down the shaft taking as much of his cock into my mouth. He groaned softly, and said “I thought it was you, you were here last week weren't you?” I nodded as best I could, reticent to take his cock from my mouth. “You suck like a pro you dirty slut, I bet you've had a few in your time!” I nodded again, thinking of all the cocks I'd sucked over the years. “Proper little slut aren't you?” He obviously enjoyed calling me names as much as I loved hearing them because his cock twitch every time he did it. I was so engrossed with what he was saying that I almost didn't notice that once again I had an audience.

I knew he was close to orgasm, and it turned out he had decided that he wanted to make his time in the cinema last a bit longer as he took hold of my head and lifted it off his cock, turning to one of the watchers and saying “Come and have a turn for a bit” and leaning forward he said to me “Go on slut, give him a suck for me, and his mate, then you can carry on with mine!” It was as if he was whoring me out to these chaps, offering my mouth to them for their pleasure, and the way he offered me to them was almost to much for me. I was so close to cumming as I shifted position and took the first guys cock in my mouth, reaching across to stroke his mates cock with my left hand. The first chap took my right hand and guided it to his cock, making me stroke it slowly as I sucked. I was in ecstasy, a cock in each hand and another in my mouth, but it got even better as I felt another man moving closer. I felt hands fiddling with my belt and the button on my jeans, and heard the first chap say “That's it, get the sluts trousers and knickers down, lets see what the arse is like.” I blushed from head to toe as I shifted position to make it easier for this new guy to strip me, my jeans and pants pulled down around my ankles, hands easing my bum cheeks apart, fingertip probing at my tight hole. I gasped around the cock in my mouth as I felt the wet tip of a finger being pushed more firmly against me, my ass slowly opening as the pressure increased.

So, there I was, my mouth and hands full of hard cock, having my ass fingered and all the while the original chap was calling me all sorts of names, telling me how popular I was going to be with all his friends. I sucked harder and was rewarded with a moan from the guy I was sucking and a hot mouthful of lovely creamy spunk, and before I could even finish swallowing it his mate had taken his place and pushed the tip of his cock into my mouth, wanking himself hard telling me to get ready for a good hard face-fucking. I have no idea how many men were watching my antics, but I could hear comments all around me and the whole scene was turning me on so much. I took six cocks in my mouth over the next hour, whilst being constantly fingered, my ass opened enough that they were using two and three fingers, and at least four more guys had not been able to wait long enough for a suck and had just got close enough to cum all over my face. As the crowd clear the first chap pulled me back to his cock to finish him off, making it seven loads that I had swallowed. He gave me a kiss as he got up to leave saying “I know how much you loved that, and next time it won't just be fingers up your arse, ok slut?” All I could do was nod my head meekly and whisper “yes sir!”