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Returning to Steven with extras

"Great to be back but complicated"

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After baling out on Steven I had started seeing a married guy called garry I'd met him on a night out and as luck had it his wife was away , so back to mine I was . He was typical married guy a bit over weight usual story wife wasn't giving him what he desired , to tell you the truth although he was OK in bed he was a bit lame for me , but since it was the only sex I was getting I stuck with him . He visited usaly twice a week and always with condoms not ideal for me as I love guys cum , and although it started as a joke he always payed me for sex , which was a bonus. It was a Saturday and garry had just visited, I was still horny garry had never got the knack of making me cum so I was on my bed browsing through a popular Guys sight and massterbating when I got a message, high you up for a meet , I'd chatted with him before and in my heightened state I agreed . Soon he was at the door and we got down to some very heavy sex act's, I'm always very sub in any sexual relationship , I had on ivory stikings pink panties , I'd sucked him and he fucked me filling my man pussy with cum , but sadly it was over too soon but he did make me cum which was nice , we made some small talk and he left none the wiser that I hade already been fucked that evening. I felt really sluty and I was proud of it . I returned up stairs feeling the slick wet feeling of a guys semen leaking out and lubricating my bum as I walked , I lay on my bed still in my wet cum stained panties and stokings browsing the Web, when my phone buzz . OMG it was Steven. It read high slut are you up for some fun , I paused for five minutes another tex , well it said are you or aren't you , ill have to get ready I tex back , come as you are he said. I felt very vaunrable as I did when I was with Steven and dare I go as I am ? with a pussy full of another guys seed , and panties stained surely by the time I take the ten minute walk to Stevens new flat I would be drained out and my panties would be dryish. Stevens new flat was in the same block as the one that he share and had a room mate Paul, where being a slut had started with Paul and Steven passing me back and forth like a rag doll , Paul had move in with his girl and him and Steven hardly saw one another now. I got to Steven flat and quietly knocked the door , Steven let me in he was in a pair tight undies only which left nothing to the imagination oh my I thought how I missed that body his tight muscle torso and one muscle in particular, no sooner I was in he shut the door pinning me to the wall by my throte and kissing me his beautiful body against me , I could sence his urgency. I broke free and made my way down his body firstly kissing his nipiles, then his belly button I could smell his sex and as I slid further down pulling his underwear down his cock sprang free , I soon had in in my mouth bobbing up and down . We were still in the hall by the front door , he took control and pushed his 8" right down my throte banging my head against the wall , Steven was good at sexual abuse and has subject me to some degrading act's in our past meeting I new I was in for it , but this is what turns me on , anyhow Steven doesn't understand no . So hear I was with a cock right down my throte choking and puking around it and loving every moment , my head was jammed between his cock and the wall , his hands were on my shoulders keeping me down as he lunged at me , I had already had sex twice that day and I was wanting more in particular Steven's kind of sex . Just when I thought he was going to cum he pulled out of my throat and dragged me into the lounge and threw me face down on the large sofa . The room was dimly lit , I put on a token struggle as he undid my genes and took them off and made comment on how I was in panties and stokings for his pleasure, oh little did he no , he undressed me leaving on my underwear and was soon down on my pussy pulling my knickers down over my hips and bitting and licking up my bum crack, hell no how he didn't taste the other guy but he gave my hole a good toung . Then he took off his belt and belted my buttocks a dozen or more times and although it was painful I was loving it . He mounted me and placed his cock against my button and pushed in a little I could feel I was still loose and wet from my past lovers that day and I made comment that I had been playing with my toys in me when he phoned he pushed again , and again finally he was in , I could feel him against me and his manhood in me , when I'm fucked it initially feels i have a great urge to poop but that soon goes it on its own is a nice feeling he fucked me rather brutally for the next fifty minutes with me grinding up to meet his downwards thrusts and it was just as well I had a cushion under my front because I came twice at least there would be no cum stains on his sofa finally he shot spurt after spurt and after he had rested for a while he rolled off of me with a plop . We spooned with me tucked in to his groin his flaccid cock resting in my slit and semen trickling out and across my buttocks. Wow he whispered you are one fantastic fuck , we fell asleep like this untill the early hours I awoke to the light threw the window and a growing cock prodding my well used hole , hear we go I thought round two as he slipped into me . This time was a little less urgent and more gentle as we lay on our sides fucking he moaned and came he hadn't made me cum with his cock but while he rested with his spent cock still inside of me he gently tossed me off catching my cum in his hand . It was then there was a rap on the door we lay silent, then his phone buzz he reached down and read the tex . Fuck its that bloody guy i was seeing he's at the door fuck get up , I jumped up Stevens spunk cascading from me , stark bollock apart from stockings picking up my genes top and panties Steven pushed me into the bedroom shut the door he let the guy in and they made there way into the lounge , hear i was standing in the corner of a room crossed leged no close on frightened to move while the guy I'd spent the night with fucking me fobbed his boyfriend off . It was about ten minutes before I herd the front door slam and steven joined me in the bedroom phew that was close as he pushed me back on to the bed . But that's for next time .

Written by jwb_19__user

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