Written by Kyto

20 Jun 2013

I like being gay and until recently had had a couple of sexual experiences,just mutual masturbation,enjoyable but I wanted more,I wanted to be dominated,I had a fantasy of being used by a man,forcibly stripped,ripping my undies apart,not hurting me,but using my body to pleasure himself.

A month ago I passed my driving test,I already had a little car,I only need a little car I'm 5ft.1inch.in my stockinged feet,I'm 19 and I've been told I'll not get much taller,I don't mind being "petite" I think it suits me,I remove all my body hair,in my case not much of a problem.

I checked out dogging sites,one of the things I've thought about a lot and love reading stories about. It was after work,I'd finished on a half day,I got there about 4 o'clock,for me everything about it was a first,reading about it is one thing but doing it is completely different,to start with I was the only one there,it was an isolated place nearby some woods,I was half sexually aroused and half really nervous,I opened my pants and stroked my cock thinking perhaps I should just masturbate and go.

I've been into female undies for some time and had prepared myself with panties and bra,I can actually wear a size 8 in both.

When a car pulled in I tucked my cock back inside the panties,which was a bit silly considering why I'd gone there.He parked up a couple of car spaces away,at first nothing but then he looked in my direction and smiled,I knew this was it,in a minute or so I could tell by his movement,which of course I was meant to see,that he was masturbating,or at least that's what he wanted me to assume,whether he was or not it was working for me,my cock was semi hard before I tucked it away,now it was aroused enough to push out of my panties,I wanted him to know I was playing.

I was a little bit out off when another car pulled in,now this was different,he had obviously prepared himself already,he parked up between both of us,loked at both of us and satisfied with what he saw leaned across and pushed open his passenger side door which gave me a full view,he opened his door giving a full view to my friend,he was stark naked,he immediately started to work his cock,it was a lovely specimen,I have limited experience of cocks and right now I was loving what I was seeing,it seemed to get ever bigger,7 maybe 8 inches,for somebody like me that's impressive,I'm not a big lad but even in the cock department I was short changed,for me a raging hard cock is 4 inches,but as far as I know I cum as often and deliver as much spunk as others.

My earlier friend in the other car had now also opened his door,I could make out his pants were down about his ankles and he wasn't sparing his cock.

He got out of his car pulled his pants up over his equally fine specimen and went to the other car,he reached down and took hold of his cock and took over "wanking" it for a minute or so,they were talking to each other as they played.

He was now coming to my car,despite everything I was unbelievably scared,I didn't make any attempt to stop him opening my door,he pushed down his pants and briefs,he was still rock hard,he was offering it me,I really had no idea what I should do but obviously made the right choice I took it in my hand and felt the instant jerk reaction,I had never felt such a fantastic sexual feeling shoot through my body,just holding his throbbing cock in my hand.

Come with me he whispered,nodding towards the trees behind us,he pulled his pants up again,everything was a bit of a blur,the man in the other car watched us still masturbating,another car had already parked up,I was in another world.I was following along a narrow path through dense trees,he knew where he was going,we were in a secluded small clearing,from the bits and pieces around it was a well used spot.

He started to undress and while I'm still trying to work everything out he is naked,he is rampant,he's a big man,probably in his 50s.He grabs me and pulls me onto his naked body pushing and girating his cock against me,his lips are hard onto mine,his tongue has pushed deep into my mouth.He was moaning in a deep guttural way,I was about half his size,at least it felt like that,I don't know what a woman must feel like when shes being taken,but if was anything like this WOW.

His hands are all over me,the one down inside pants is already pulling at my panties,he knows they are feminine,he knows I'm wearing a bra,he's not waiting for me to undress he's stripping me,I could probably have done it quicker myself,but what was happening was beyond all my fantasies.

The fact that we had company made no difference,it was the man from the other car,older again,he must have been given a bit of my share of cock,seeing him standing up he wasn't big but his cock was massive.He was already naked as I'm left dressed in my little bra and panties.I could feel the shaking if his hands as my friend is trying to undo my bra,he resorts to pulling them apart,even as he's getting his way with my bra our later arriving friend has moved in and is already sucking on my cock which has conviently come out of the tiny little panties my nipples are being sucked,fingers are already probing my bottom,I'm not sure any more who's doing what,I only know I'm being "sexed" on all places,I don't care who's doing what to me.

Anal sex wasn't something I'd reckoned on,I've put all kinds of things up my bottom,nevertheless when I began to realise that the tongue that was pushing saliva into my anus was for only one purpose,then it was a finger,two fingers,I was being "opened".

The first throbbing cock well salivad was coming between my cheeks,I was amased how smoothly it pushed deep into me,my cock was being sucked,I could tell by his grunting that he was close,I didn't know who was doing what to me where hands were concerned,but I knew he was spunking deep inside me,my feet were literally of the ground as he jerked and jerked and jerked.

The second cock slipped in even though it was the larger of the two,but on the other hand spunked in about 3 seconds.My initiation was complete,I spunked but to be honest that was very much the "afters".It turned out my panties and bra were badly torn.