25 Dec 2015

So I'm a bisexual Guy, divorced about 4 years ago now and have been enjoying lots of different sexual activities with men and women since.

I met a 19 year old girl Hannah online who likes gentle sub/Dom role play the whole daddy/daughter thing.

She's a size 14 5'5" and nice tits, trimmed pussy and arse and is horny as hell.

I'm 33, 5'9" 6" thinish cock and I'm quite stocky, the age gap is quite fun, she prefers older guys (as do I funnily enough)

Our first few meets were fun, she likes being my naughty little girl.

So I made her strip naked and play with her self for me, made her suck my cock and then we fucked normal stuff really.

she had never tried anal and so I bought her some lube and toys and got her to start training her arse ready for our next meeting,

She was coming to stay with me for a few days and I made her fit the small but plug in her arse before she caught the train.

We text each other whilst she was traveling here and I told her all the things I was going to do.

By the time she got to me her panties were dripping, I told her to undress and remove the butt plug so she could put the next size up inside.

I unzipped my jeans and made her suck my cock, I then laid her on the bed and went down her sodden wet snatch, licking her hole and clit she could last long and let out a tremendous scream as she came.

I got her on all 4's removed the butt plug and slowly started to put my cock in her arse, once I was she moaned with pain but soon for used to it and started rocking back and fourth on my cock, I gripped her waist and started to fuck her tight arse, she had her fingers on her clit and was rubbing furiously as I fucked her arse, it wasn't long before I gripped her tight and buried my cock deep in her Arse as i shot my load inside her.

After she had cleaned up in the shower we sat on the bed talking about things and got onto the subject of my Bi side, she was intrigued and seemed turned on by the fact that I like cock and pussy.

She was asking about the guys and couples I'd been with and I showed her some of the photos and videos of me with other men.

We got on to the conversation of a regular guy I see, his name is George, 58 years old just shy of 6ft. His cock is about 7.5" long with a really fat bulbous head. And his shaft is quite wide. He's divorced and lives on his own. We meet 2-3 times a month, he's versatile but prefers being top with me.

Now I prefer mature guys and like being used/dominated by them slightly. I showed her a video of George making me gag on his cock and fucking me, This made her really horny and she was playing with her pussy as we talked.

She referred to him as her sexy uncle or my sex daddy.

We talked alot over that weekend and she said she'd love to see me and "uncle" together.

Well after Hannah had gone back home I organised a meet with George, told him about Hannah and he said he'd be well up for meeting her and letting her watch.

So I organised for hannah to come down the following week, I didn't tell her the surprise.

I picked her up from the train station and we went back to mine.

I text George to come

Over and said to let himself in.

When he arrived Hannah smiled and laughed. She introduced herself and they had a chat and got to know each other.

We shared some wine and George and I removed our clothes, Hannah decided to remove hers aswell and sat on the sofa ready, as George removed his shorts Hannah's eyes lit up, she was fixated on his cock, it's the biggest she has ever seen in person.

I took it in my hand and played with it before going down and placing it in my mouth. I started to suck it and lick his big fat head, his pre im was all Sticky and tasted great, as I was doing this Hannah joined me, "daddy, can I play too"

I took Georges cock out my mouth and let her lick it, and play with his balls, we took it in turns to play, George said to Hannah, right you prep Daddy's tight arse hold for me, he handed her the bottle of lube, she had never been near my arse before but with Georges command she started to lick my ring, and gently sliding a finger in, as she was doing this George places his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down on tho his cock, I could hardly open my mouth wide enough as the tip of his head hit the back of my throat i almost chocked, the sound of me gagging made Hannah lick my arse ever harder.

George pulled out and told Hannah to kiss me and then to watch.

She did so, he bent me over and rested the giant head of his cock against my wet, slippy hole, Hannah had done a good job and George entered me fairly easy, I gasped as always, the initial penetration of his far cock always caught me off gaurd, but once inside he feels amazing, he starts to fuck me, gripping my waist as Hannah watches, she's got 2 fingers in her pussy and also has a finger up her arse as watches me getting fucked.

We swap positions and George tells Hannah to lay in front of me and play with her tits as I lick her Pussy, he's ramming into me harder and deeper, she's screaming as she comes closer to orgasm.

As she lets her self go gripping my head between her legs. He grips my waist and smashes into my arse harder than ever as he cums.

He pulls out and I can feel his cum dripping down my leg and over my balls.

She's laying on the bed shaking from her orgasm.

I on the hand haven't cum once and have a raging hard on.

George needs a good 10 mins to recompose himself.

I tell Hannah to suck my cock so George can watch.

After a few minutes I can see George is getting harder again. I lay on the bed and Hannah gets on top and begins to ride me. George walks over and places his cock in front of our faces, both Hanmah and myself start to lick and suck his head as she fucks me.

Then I have an idea.

I tell George to get on the bed and tell Hannah that she gets to fuck Uncle.

She smiles and straddles George, I watch as his huge head touches her lips, now even though she's had me inside and is dripping wet, he doesn't slide in easy and her eyes open wide as she lowers herself down, she gasps and moans as she sinks down on to his cock, she starts to bounce up and down taking more and more as she goes,

It's great seeing this old guy getting ridden by a young slut, he's loving it and I'm loving watching.

I get some lube on my fingers and gently start to rub her arse. She squeals but doesn't say stop, I start to finger her arse and lube my cock.

George slows down and pulls legs up, he spreads her cheeks for me and I rest the tip of my cock at her arse, she's hesitant but as I push the tip in she un-tenses and let's me slide in, George starts fucking her and we build up speed together.

It's not long before we're both sliding in and out of Hanmah, she's loving it, begging us to fuck her harder and fill her with cum.

George cums first and I feel it actually get pushed out of her snatch on to my balls, she starts to scream as I fuck her arse tighter and all the way down to my balls inside her i let out a huge moan and fill her tight little arse with cum.

We both pull out and watch our cum dripping out of her, she can't move her legs have turned to jelly.

George lets me lick the taste of Hannah from His cock.

George couldn't stay the night but Hannah and I fucked like Mad all night.

We've decided to buy a strap on and she's going to be fucking me in the arse when George isn't available.

If any bi mature guys like the idea of joining is drop me a message as Hannah wants to see me get spit roasted and then wants all 3 holes filled.