Written by navycake

16 May 2008

I had just joined the navy and was sent to a training camp down South. Our accommodation was a large hut with single beds down each wall. At the end of the hut there were bathrooms and showers, toilets and an ironing room for our uniforms. My bed was the end one near the bathrooms.The bed next to me was occupied by a young lad about 18 years old, blonde, slim and, I thought, quite effeminate. We got on quite well together and became very friendly but not in a sexual manner.

This particular night some weeks later I was in bed and just dropping off to sleep when I felt a hand under my blanket gently stroking my cock. \"What the hell is going on\" I said. \" I think I am Gay\" a voice said, \"but I\'m not sure\" I recognised the voice of my friend in the next bed. By this time the gentle stroking of his hand was making my cock throb. \"well, there is one way to find out if you\'re gay\"I said.\"Just follow me but be very quiet\". I got out of bed and lead him into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I told him to kneel down in front of me which he did. I dropped my pants and my cock sprang up in front of me. \"OK, now kiss it\" His soft lips touched the bell end of my cut cock. \"Now lick the end with your tongue\" My cock was leaking some pre-cum but this did\'nt worry him as he gently stroked my cock with his soft tongue.\"Open your mouth and let me slide my lovely cock in\" As his mouth opened I slowly fed my cock into his soft warm mouth. \"How does that feel\" I asked. \"it feels quite nice\" he said. \"Right\" I said , \"I\'m now going to what we call face-fuck you and if you enjoy it we\'ll take things a bit further\" I slowly pushed my cock in and out of his lovely lips, gradually increasing the pace until I was really giving his mouth a good fucking. M y cock was touching his tonsils and he was gagging a bit so I withdrew. \"Are you OK\" I asked.\"Mmmmm, that was nice\" he said,\"But it did make me gag\".

\"Would you like to take things a little further\" I said, \"What I am going to do next will definitely prove that you are gay\". \"Well I have to know\" he said, so I will do whatever you want me to\".

I found some soap in the bathroom and, wetting my hands, I made a nice lather in the palms of my hands. I led him into the ironing room where there were ironing tables about waist high. \"Bend over the table and drop your pants\" When he had done this I spread the lather from my hands between the cheeks of his very soft, smooth girly-like arse making sure that I put some round his ringpiece. The rest I rubbed on my throbbing cock.\"What are you going to do\" he asked. \"I am going to make believe that you are a lovely girl and I am going to fuck your lovely tight man-pussy\". \"Will it hurt\" he said. \"Maybe just a little but tell me if you want me to stop.\" I took my cock in my hand and guided the bell-end to the beautiful puckered hole. Gently I pushed until the end entered his arse. I stopped to let him get used to it. \"Are you OK\" I asked.\" It feels funny but quite nice really\" he said.\"OK, now I am going to really fuck your tight virgin arsehole\" I pushed my hips forward and watched my cock slowly disappear up his ring. He gave a little gasp but I could feel the cheeks of his arse pushing back onto my cock so I knew he was liking it. I began a slow back and forward motion and enjoyed seeing my cock going in and out of his really tight arse. My belly was banging against his bum cheeks as I increased the stroke until I was banging his arse like a steam piston. He was gasping but still pushing his arse back so I stopped my motion and let him fuck my cock with his tight man-pussy. \"Oh God, I am going to come\" I said. \" Give me all you\'ve got\" he said so I recommenced fucking his ring until I felt my cock throbbing and I shot a bucketload of spunk right up his ringpiece.

\"How do you feel\" I asked him. \"I feel great\" he said, \"I really enjoyed that. When can we do it again.\" \"Probably tomorrow\" I said, and next time you can lie on your back and I\'ll fuck you while you watch me.\" \"I can\'t wait\"He said.

\"Well, now you know you really are gay and I know quite a few sailors who will want to fuck your face and fill your man-pussy.

More to follow.