17 Jan 2019

A salesman on the road, had been at a meeting in a town far from home and the meeting went on longer than he expected, so instead of a long dreary drive back home he decides to look for somewhere to stay. After ringing a few local hotels and finding out that they are fully booked, he decides to drive back and see if he can find a b+b somewhere.

He finds a B+B and checks in, the owner a mature old man greets him, shows him to his room, and says if your doing nothing later come and have a few drinks. The salesman accepts the kind offer so after refreshing up he goes into the main room and sits and has a few quite drinks with the B+B owner. The two of them engaging in general chat for a while, before the salesman decides it is time for him to turn in for the night.

The salesman heads back to his room, and gets ready for bed, turns the room light off, strips off his clothes and lies on top of the bed naked, gently playing with himself. What he hadn't noticed was the B+B owner who had followed shortly behind him, had quietly opened the door and was peering through watching the salesman stroke himself.