18 Jan 2019

So following on, the salesman had just settled into the bedroom in the B+B after having a few quite drinks with the B+B owner. He turned the light off and stripped off and got on the bed, thinking he have a nice wank before going to sleep. What he hadn't noticed was the B+B owner had quietly followed him to his room and had quietly opened the room door and was peering in.

Mmmmm that looks good the B+B owner blurted out, do you need any assistance. The salesman, sort of stunned by being caught stroking himself, had a quick thought do I reject the offer or do I accept, and his mind went well he has already seen me, so why not. The salesman said the the B+B owner yeah sure any help would be appreciated. With that the B+B owner took the salesman hard cock in his hand and slowly started wanking it, and then leaned over it to flick it with his tongue before entering it in his mouth. Mmmm the salesman was groaning with pleasure as the B+B owner sucked the juice out of his cock and swallowed the juicy load.

Both by now where well horny, so the salesman asked the B+B owner to strip off and join him fully in bed. Both men laying in bed kissing, the taste of the sales mans own cum being tasted as he kisses the B+B owner. Legs entwined with hard cocks pressed against each other.

With that the sales man says to the B+B owner he would like to be fucked, the B+B owner turns the sales guy onto his belly and straddles him, his hard cock resting at the entrance to his ass. Spit, precum are used to lube up the entrance and the old B+B owner pushes his rigid cock into entrance. Head first, before the shaft is buried to the hilt. Ahh the sales man feels it deep in him, duck me hard and good he says. With this the old B+B owner shags the ass of the salesman before emptying his load deep in the sales man's ass.

Both lay motionless for a period of time, before the old B+B owner gets up and leaves the room. The sales guy tired but satisfied drifts off to sleep with cumulative leaking out of him.

In the morning when it's time to check out the salesman goes down and is about to pay for his night's lodging when the old B+B owner says don't worry about last night. It was pleasurable and nice to have company so your stay last night was on the house. With that the sales man thanked the B+B owner and left with a smile on his face, satisfied and ready for a new day at work.