Written by Incognito83

11 Feb 2010

The image of a round, tight, arse filled my laptop screen. Well oiled and just screaming to be entered slowly, fucked roughly and used thoroughly - the words "fuck yes..." fell from my lips. A quick click and the next image, a gorgeously thick and throbbing dick, sent a tingle through my whole body.

It'd been almost a year since I'd last laid hands, or mouth, on another mans cock and the prospect of re-aquainting myself with such a perfect example of manhood was sending me into overdrive. I began to feel that familiar throb from my arse, creeping towards the increasing bulge in my briefs; small waves of pleasure that reverberated through my whole body. I hit the 'Reply' button, hands almost trembling, and watched as I typed out my own invitation: "We should definitely meet! When are you free?". His response was almost immediate, short and ever-so-slightly demanding,: "Tomorrow morning, I'll leave the door unlocked - walk in, find me upstairs and use me...". I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined that very scenario; walking through the door, creeping upstairs - undressing as I go - before making my inside the bedroom... The waves were getting stronger and I couldn't resist touching my, now solid, cock whilst imagining his mouth sliding down my full length. I had to make this happen.

We exchanged a few more messages and arranged for me to visit him early the next morning. Needless to say, I struggled to sleep that night - like a child on Christmas eve, I thought the morning would never arrive.

7am, the alarm doesn't have chance to reach its full stride before I'm up and wide awake. I make my way to the bathroom and start the shower, excited nervousness is abound and once again I briefly fantasise about the next few hours. Freshly showered, I decided to dress 'simply'; t-shirt, jogging pants and definitely no underwear! I'm ready to go. I head to the car and notice the waves begin again as I tap out a text message: "On my way".

I find the house easily, park the car and sit for a moment just to calm the nerves. After a minute or so, my cock lets me know with a twitch that it's time to follow through. I make my way up the steps to the front-door and give it a small, but firm nudge - it's open. I enter the house and take a quick look around, empty and almost in darkness apart from a soft light emanating from the top of the staircase. I follow the light, taking my trainers and socks off at the first step, I creep upwards. I reach the landing, again in darkness save a glow from underneath a slightly ajar door to my left. I take a breath before pulling off my joggers and then I hear a voice quietly beckon "In here..."

I ease open the door and move inside. He's knelt on the edge of the bed, naked and already wanking, his smooth arse looks even better in the flesh than on my screen. I take in the scene for a moment before joining him. Grabbing hold of both of his firm cheeks, I part them just enough to run my tongue down his crack and around his tight fuckhole. He lets out a soft moan as I start to flick my tongue against his hole; stopping every now and then to push it inside him. He then moves away from me and crawls towards the top of the bed, "Get under me so I can suck that fit cock", I do as I'm told and position myself as instructed. He lowers his arse back onto my waiting tongue whilst simultaneously taking my fully-erect cock deep inside his mouth. He starts to move his head slowly up and down, stroking my cock with his tongue - the feeling was good enough to make me forget what I was doing, although he didn't seem to mind. I felt his hand grasp the base of my shaft and his sucking suddenly become much more focussed and intense, with every stroke of his mouth I felt a wave of pleasure coarse through my body. I began to moan loudly, savouring every sensation he created, knowing that I wouldn't last very long if he carried on! I started to feel that pre-orgasmic build-up and all my attempts to stop it were completely out-gunned by his relentless and masterful technique... I was going to shoot any second! But, suddenly he stops and slowly slides his hand down my cock, "not yet" he whispers.

He moves from on top of me and opens a drawer from his bedside table, I take a few seconds to close my eyes, catch my breath and attempt to quell my desperate need to jizz. I feel his hand on my cock again, but this time it's followed by the tightness of a rubber. I look down and watch as he positions himself over my throbbing dick, he closes his eyes and eases himself down on to me; I feel the warmth of his moist, smooth hole embrace my cock and we both sigh with pleasure. He moves up and down slowly at first, adjusting to my length and girth. It doesn't take long before I'm sliding in and out of his hole with ease, both of us moving in unison with every thrust it's a deep and intense fuck - even with the extra layer of latex. Our impetus quickens, breathing heavily and moaning loudly we're in full-swing, waves of pure hedonism engulf all my senses and I'm getting closer and closer to releasing my hot, thick load; I don't want it to be over this quickly, but it's an unstoppable force - I catch my breath long enough to yell out "I'm gonna fucking shoot!", he immediately stops fucking me and pulls off the condom before swallowing my swollen cock into his mouth just in time to receive a full load of cum. I let out a long moan as I let the orgasm wash over me, completely absorbed in gratification.

I open my eyes, smiling and see him smiling back at me. He runs his tongue over his lips, mopping up the last drops of my sticky cream, "Same time tomorrow?"...