Written by trainman

2 Aug 2010

When I was in my twenties there was a shop in the middle of Manchester, one of only a handful at the time, gay shops selling mags, aromas, clothing and fetish gear.

The first time I called in was mid afternoon, one Saturday in the summer.... there were two other guys browsing the gay porn and the manager, standing next to the counter. He knew he hadn't seen me before so made a special effort to be friendly towards me....came and introduced himself, asked if I was looking for anything in particular...he was about 25 yrs older than me, grey hair, balding, incredibly camp, which usually does nothing for me but at the same time very sexy. He mentioned not seeing me around the pubs, clubs and bars. 'I don't do the scene' I told him as I flicked thru some of the mags and the longer he stood talking to me the raunchier the mags I flicked thru... until I was browsing the leather mags with stocky muscular studs dressed in all kinds of kinky leather gear, harnesses, caps, boots, chaps and jeans...giving him some idea of my interests.

His eyes widened as I pored over some of the pictures...we were alone in the shop now....the other two guys had left. 'You'd look good dressed in some of that' he said pointing to the leather clad studs. A cpl of other customers had come in and were looking thru the mags , videos and dvds ... I felt nervous but horny, so I put the mag down and told him I'd call in again.

As I was leaving I noticed the shop closed at 5.30 so I went back there at 5.15. He said hello with a beaming smile. There was only one customer in and the manager said 'We're closing now' so he left minutes later. 'Nice to see you, I didn't know whether you'd come back, I'll just lock up so we can have a proper chat' he said as he locked the front door. When he returned I was flicking thru a man mag showing guys in tight Speedos and cire briefs. 'Mmmmmmm I've got some of those on the shelf....you really should try some on' he said...and without waiting for an answer he handed me a pair of shiny red cire posing briefs. 'Just slip in there' he said, pointing to a small cubicle with a curtain across the front. I was getting really turned on now and as soon as I drew the curtain I stripped off, shoes, everything. I pulled the briefs up across my thighs and tucked my cock and balls into them. ..the material felt so sexy...like a second skin hugging my cock and balls. 'How are you doing? Are we going to get a show?' he asked. I checked myself in the mirror then pulled the curtain back and stepped into the shop. 'Oh my, you look gorgeous, turn around' he said...and I walked round the shop showing myself off ....my cock outlined thru the thin fabric and this stranger staring at my naked body. I was so turned on.

Over the next 30 minutes he kept handing me pair after pair of briefs, shorts and thongs insisting I try them on and he became bolder and bolder, touching my arse lightly as he described how well the clothes hugged me, squatting in front of me, his face inches from my cock as his hands caressed my thighs as he 'fitted' the items 'properly' I was rock hard by now especially when he looked at my rigid cock pushing it's way out of a tiny thong and said 'I think we'll have to get a bigger size in those, you're spilling out of them'.

It was such a turn on as he was so gentlemanly, old fashioned and courteous yet he was a dirty fucker really who I knew wanted my cock. Around 6.30 he told me he'd have to leave...he had a partner at home...but why not come back the following Saturday? I was so horny, randy by now that I wanted to open the shop door, go walking down the street in the skimpy thong, my cock bursting out looking for a cock sucker...but I just said ok went back into the cubicle and got dressed.

I handed him the briefs when I came out and he gave me a pair back. 'You looked lovely in those, keep them' he said.

The following Saturday I parked my car at 5.15 across from his shop. I was wearing the briefs he'd given me. My cock was rock hard as I'd been thinking of our last meeting during my drive into town. I walked across the road, opened the door to the shop, walked in and noticed him at the till serving someone.....