24 Dec 2017

One of the horniest times I can remember was when I visited the sauna in Shaw a couple of years ago. I had been a few times before and sucked a few cocks but this day was the wildest.

It also happened so quick, I went first into the steam room which was really busy could hardly move or see but I could hear light moaning noises. I managed to sit down but was wedged up next to a guy who immediately started touching his foot with mine and stroking my leg. I still had my towel round me but not for long as he moved his hand behind me heading straight for my ass. I moved a bit for him and my towel came undone and before I went to grab it he was pulling it away from me. The room started clearing and another guy stood in front of me pushing his erect cock in my face, naturally I opened my mouth and starting sucking.

The other guy then moved me into a position where I was laying with my back on the bench, he started sucking me whilst the one I was sucking was now forcing his cock deep in my throat couple of times making me gag. I could feel other hands on me and now was having my ass probed with a finger which hurt. I heard someone say let’s get him outside and fuck him.

I was led out of the steam room nervous as hell, part wanting to break free and do one and part wrapped up in the heat of the moment. It didn’t take long before I was lying on what I think was a pvc mattress and some new guy straddled my face pinning me down whilst he wanked. I then felt my legs being lifted and again my ass being probed by a finger. I managed to just say please don’t hurt me when my mouth was filled with cock. It pushed its way between my lips and just held there, meanwhile a cock was entering my ass and again this pushed in as far as it could go and stopped.

I was literally trapped by cock and other men were around watching and wanking. The 2 cocks then started to fuck my mouth and ass slowly at first and then in a sense of abandonment just banged me hard. The guy in my mouth pulled out and then took over wanking himself until he came over my face.

He got off and someone took his place but just wanked but this time I managed to catch some in my mouth. People moved on and I was just left with the guy fucking me, he began to slow right down and then pulled out, whipped his condom off (thankfully he put one on) and started wanking but he couldn’t get himself to cum. I was left there on my own and managed to get up go back in steam room and collect my completely wet towel.

I showered and thought I’d had enough and was about to go but thought I’d just have a look in the orgy room as I wanted to wank and cum myself. I walked down the stairs and saw 2 people at it on a bed so went into the next room.

As I walked in there was a guy with a nice sized cock already with a condom on. I squeezed his cock and he moved me over to the benches and bent me over and pushed his cock up my ass. He was defitely ready as in just five or six thrusts he was cumming inside his condom. He pulled out and went.

I pretty much went myself after that, it was the best experience I had and fulfilled a sexual fantasy of a cock in my mouth and ass. I would love for it to happen again