Written by Analcub333

23 Jan 2014


Loving the stories on here so thought I'd submit my own. I'm a tall (over 6ft) gay guy, I'm not skinny or muscled, I'm probably what you would describe as a cub (stockyish) and nothing special looks wise but I used to do okay. Anyway, about 15 months ago a guy introduced me to the delights of Manchester's gay saunas...an experience I like to indulge in wherever possible, I suppose my best time there was when I spent a whole day and night wandering around being fucked, sucking and generally being "friendly" but it lead to a bukkake experience for me.

There I am wandering around in my towel, admiring the different types of men all with their cocks out when I passed a small cubicle with a hot blonde straight looking guy of about 25ish stood in there being sucked off by a guy who was about 40ish...no one said a word, the 40 y/o stood up and I sucked them both off, the 40 y/o came quite quickly over my chest but the 25 y/o kept going, he was stocky in build, rather like a rugby player, hairy chest, nice fat 6 inch cock. As I sucked him off several others copped a feel and got blown as well...I could feel hands all over me, wanking me, rubbing my ass hole and cheeks, it felt great. Normally in a sauna I spend time with one or two guys but am rarely the centre of attention for five or six. The rugby guy's cock kept thrusting in my mouth, I had a feeling he was used to women doing this as he kept trying to force my head down on it but was surprised when I did it on my own, letting out the odd groan to let him know I was enjoying this.

Whilst sucking this guy off I felt warm spunk over my face and neck as other guys got horny and blew their loads. I felt him thrusting harder and harder and he said he was going to cum so pushed his cock to the back of my throat and felt someone else's hand clamp around the base of my hard cock as I let him know he could shoot whenever he wanted. It was like a fucking fountain...all down my throat and all over my face...I couldn't believe it...it was like a water cannon. Just as he came, he bent over kissed me on the lips and thanked me before walking off, I knelt there, shocked by how drenched I was when another guy unloaded over my back. The crowd had eventually gone after unloading themselves and a guy, slim/defined build came over and asked if I wanted to join him in another cubicle, judging by his accent I'd say he was a latino, his cock was a rock solid 8 inches and he lead me into the cubicle, I still hadn't shot my load and was still eager for more fun.

Once in the cubicle (essentially a mattress as a floor surrounded by walls), he kissed me, I asked him if he wanted me to shower and he said no, he preferred me as I was...still fucking covered in it - we kissed, sucked and wanked for a while before he got behind me...his cock slid straight in and it felt good, my hole was getting a proper stretching...as he slid in and out he was rubbing my nipples with the spunk from the rugby guy...we fucked hard and it felt so good to get a pounding...he eventually came inside me...I was bent over on my hands and knees, I turned and asked him if it looked good and he told me the view was fantastic...he got up and left me still there, dripping.

I still hadn't come at that point so went for a shower...afterwards I wandered round, I found a nice looking guy in his fifties with a really hairy chest (a weakness of mine) and let him fuck me standing up...whilst two other guys watched...I came over his gorgeous hairy chest and we sat down, he fingered my dripping hole whilst kissing me, I rolled my fingers through his hairy chest and made sure his thick shaft got stroked ;)