Written by Ian

13 Dec 2015

I was recently in Nottingham for the weekend for a conference and my long lost bi urges resurfaced after over a year off.

I couldn't shake the desire to find some fun and googled "gay Nottingham." Several bars came up as well as a sauna. I had never visited a sauna before but the website turned me on and so I gave them a call. The guy on the phone put me at ease and offered to show me around when I arrived.

The sauna was easy to find and before I knew it, I was being buzzed in the front door. I was given a warm welcome and a towel as the guy showed me around. I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the place but was concerned that there didn't seem to be anybody there.

I got myself undressed and wrapped the towel around me. The guy popped back in to check if I was ok and said that it would get busier in the next hour. He looked me up and down and told me that I would get plenty of attention. My cock stirred at the thought of reawakening my love of cock.

I went into the sauna briefly after a quick shower and was just relaxing when the door opened. A much older guy (early 60s) walked in and smiled as he sat opposite me. Removing his towel, he revealed the thickest cock I had ever seen in my life. He didn't seem to be interested and so I closed my eyes and say back. No sooner had my eyes closed, I felt his foot brushing my legs. I let out a little groan of approval as he got braver still and directed his foot towards my cock. Instantly starting to grow, my cock responded and this encouraged him as he came and sat next to me and grabbed my rock hard cock. Slowly rubbing me, he had me right where he wanted me and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. The size of it blew my mind as it grew to the touch. Rubbing this giant cock made me realise how much I had missed cock. The old man, clearly a dominant type, told me to get on my knees and taste him. I wasted no time and licked his length and big heavy balls. As I took the head in my mouth he stroked my face and forced more into my mouth. After a few minutes he ordered me to stand up and follow him. I grabbed our towels and followed him out. A couple of guys were now in the DVD room rubbing themselves. We walked through to a small, darkened room where he pushed me to my knees and forced me to suck him again. His groans told me he liked my action as I frantically worked him in and out of my mouth. As I looked up, I saw that the two guys had followed us and were wankkng each other at the doorway. My guy told them to come closer and try out my mouth. They wasted no time and were soon presenting their smaller cocks to me. I alternated between the three cocks, sucking greedily like a slut. I gave more attention to my old friend though as I wanted his load more than anything. One of the smaller cocks was being wanked furiously and he moved it closer to my face and grabbed my hair. Within seconds, a hot jet of cum hit my cheek followed by at least three more. The other guy followed suit and covered my face again as I carried on wanking the old man's monster. He told me to get ready for a real load as his cock twitched ominously. Holding my head he was determined to cum in my mouth and I was happy to oblige. Once the first spray left his cock, my mouth was flooded with salty fluid. He groaned for the last time as I cleaned his cock with my tongue. As he softened he walked away without saying a word. Thoroughly satisfied, I laid down and started to rub myself. I was in the moment when one of my friends from earlier came back to help me out. Lying next to me, he stroked me gently before easing down to engulf my hardness with his willing mouth. I was never going to last long and I was soon pumping my cum into his mouth. As my orgasm subsided, I decided to leave and joined my colleagues for a few beers, what a day. I will return