Written by Drew32

10 Jun 2008

For a while now I’ve been wanting to go to a sauna, as some of you will know from chatting to you in the chatrooms, just to see what it’s like. So on Friday night I took the plunge….

I got in from work, had a quick shower and shaved my cock and balls, how I resisted the temptation to have a wank I’ll never know, still I got dressed and headed to the train station to catch the fast train into London Liverpool Street Station. All the time I couldn’t believe that I was doing this for real. In the past I’ve met one or two guys for some MM fun, just wanking and sucking really, although I did once get fucked by a guy which was very nice as he was very gently with me. But that’s another story….

After getting off the train I quickly made my way to the sauna as it was raining, building up my courage all the time. I walked in through the doors, paid the entrance fee and got my towels then headed through the door to explore the place and find the changing rooms and shower etc. I found my locker and undressed in front of the guys there as they did with me. All the time we were all looking at each other, checking each other out, I made my way to the shower and had a quick rinse off, dried myself and tried to get my bearings in the place, it was a bit of a maze, but I soon found my way around. First I went into the lounge area where guys were reading and chatting to each other, no action there I thought, so I went up stairs to where small rooms were along each corridor with guys waiting in them, this reminded me of Amsterdam red light district, but with guys not women.

From here I made my way into the sauna area, which was nice as I could sit in there with my towel off, but still no action. I then found the “cruise room” where guys were openly wanking. Opposite here was a dark room, all I could hear were groans and sucking sounds, but just by there were the glory hole cubicles. A guy was waiting on one of then, so a I was so horny I went into the next one and put my hardening cock through the hole. I soon felt his hot mouth on my cock, licking my shaft and sucking my head, he obviously knew what he was doing. I pulled away and dropped to my knees, he soon got the message and I had his cock in my face, it was a nice size, about 7 inches and also shaved like mine, I took him into my mouth and started sucking his cock, I also ran my tongue up the underside of his cock, and even managed to suck one of his balls, I when went back to sucking his cock and wanking his shaft, I then felt his cock twitch and I pulled away, but not before I felt the first spurt of his cum in my mouth, the rest went over my face and chest. Then he was gone, I cleaned myself up as best as I could and left the cubicle. All the guys were looking at me as I left the room, knowing what I’d just done and I felt great. I’m sure I still had the guy’s cum on my chest. I never did find out who he was, nor he me!

After another visit to the sauna and steam room, I had another shower. A black guy was in there washing himself and his big cock, he was wearing a cock ring and I’d have loved to have seen him hard with it on, as I wear one every now and again and it feels great, but it was time for me to go, so I got dressed and left. This might be a bit tame for you, but for a first time experience it was great, hopefully to be repeated again soon, and who knows what might go on then?