18 Jul 2017

On the way to the gay sauna I saw a handsome guy in a builder's reflective jacket. He was around 25 or so and tall and slim. He flashed me a quick smile as he crossed the road and then to my surprise he headed to the sauna entrance!

Once I had got undressed and showered there was no sign of the builder. I headed for the glory hole area. The first cubicle I entered had a hard cock encased in in a condom poking through the glory hole! I quickly locked the door and gave the cock a quick fondle and despite the condom a lick whilst I reached for a sachet of lube. As I ripped open the lube the cock was gently pressing against my arse - it was lovely!

Fully lubed up I backed against the wall and was immediately penetrated! The cock thrust deeper and deeper and once he was fully inside (or as much as the wall would allow) he started fucking me with a steady rhythm.

The plywood wall between us started shaking with his thrusts - it was so erotic and the cock was long and slim so I was in heaven! Suddenly the cock withdrew from me and I heard the bolt on the next door cubicle being slid open. There was a tap on my door and I let the guy in. To my delight it was the builder!

I quickly bent over holding the bench and without the wall between us, he was able to fuck me deeper than before! A hand reached through the hole on my right and stroked my cock and balls - I didn't pay it my attention because I was so enjoying the cock in my arse!!

After about ten minutes the builder sighed and shuddered and emptied his load into the condom. As his cock subsided I reached back and pulled him deeper into me. Once he withdrew and removed his condom my builder guy quickly vanished - a bit of a shame because I hadn't come yet!

I showered and dried off and cruised around the rest rooms. A couple of older guys were fucking with the door open. The bottom guy was bent over the bed and when he saw me watching he beckoned me to come and join in. I didn't need asking twice! I climbed on the bed and the bottom guy sucked me off. I didn't last long, but both guys were more than happy as they kissed and passed my spunk back and forth between each other!

I thanked both guys and after another shower I left for home feeling happy and satisfied.