Written by London lad

27 Jul 2009

This weekend I had the best sauna experience ever!

I was down in London visiting some pals, but was on my own on saturday evening waiting for them to get back grom dinner with their birds so we could go out on the lash. Anyway, I was bored, watching some shit film, and started browsing the net. Turns out there was a gay sauna very near to them. So I grabbed the spare key and set off.

I was at the entrance within 10 mins, paid the fee to get in, and was changed into my towel within 15 mins of leaving my mates! Perfect! Seeing as I didnt have long before hitting the pub with my pals I headed striaght for the dark room for some instant fun. Sure enough I could hear the moans and groans as cocks were pushed into arses and mouths, my member rapidly rising to the occasion. There was only one thing to do, so I plunged straight in. Within a min I was sucking on an ample cock as its owner rammed it down my throat.

He didnt last too long, and with a loud moan and shudder shot his load into my mouth. Thankfully his limp cock was replaced by a more than willing second one. My eyes had acclimatised to the dark and I realised that I was now in the centre of the room, and had managed to attract a fair bit of attention. I hungrily swallowed the new cock, playing with his balls at the same time.

I then felt a hand on my arse. This was what I really wanted, and I arched my back, pushing my arse in the air. The blokes behind didnt need telling twice, and I soon felt a finger slid into my hole, swiftly followed by a second and then a third. It felt so hot and firm, and I moved my arse down onto the hand pushing his fingers deeper. He took the sign and position his cock at my ring. With a firm push he was in me. God I felt so full, it was heaven! Pretty soon I was being rocked back and forth, impaled on two cocks. After about 5 mins I felt both cocks tense up and shoot their load into me, one filling my arse, the other my throat.

All this, and not a word spoken. I wanted a breather, but there was no chance of that as I felt another cock just slide into my arse. He pumped furiously before pulling out and spunking on my back. Another bloke came round and put me on my back, lifted my legs over my shoulders, and stuck his cock right up my arse. Mmmmm. He rocked back and forth, wanking me off at the same time. My hands were busy pulling on two other cocks, as their owners kneeled over me. The guy in my arse built up a quicker pace and gripped my arse as he came into me, filling me with second load of sperm. One of the guys I was wanking rammed his cock in my mouth and came immediately, the other one shot his load on my chest as the guy that had just fucked me stuck my cock in his mouth and deep throated me, drinking my cum as it flew out of my member.

I was knackered, and late for my mates. Didnt even have to shower. So, as I sat on the tube on my way to the pub I felt a mixture of two cuna slopping out my arse into my briefs. When I my mates they were none the wiser. But they did find out later that night. But that's another story... ;-)