Written by saunaguy

22 May 2011

As I walked through the dark streets to a popular sauna in London my heart races and my cock throbs in my jeans, I pressed the buzzer and I'm in, pay the entry and make my way to the locker room.

I undress and as always find a soft white towel to cover myself. I shower and make my way to the steamroom checking out the other guys as I do. I was hungry for cum and was determined to have my mouth filled more than once.

As I relax in the hot steam I imagine what I was about to do, I had loved sucking cock from an early age with friends and some older guys Id met, the feel and smell for a thick cock and a big head, the taste of it just made me want more.

As time passed guys came and went I laid back and enjoyed the steam, massaging my cock through the soft cotton, I was ready for some fun. As I exited the steamroom the cool air hit me turning my nipples hard and i couldn't resist a pinch, one guys saw me and i smiled.

I continued to roll my nipple between my fingers asIi made my way to the shower, I hang up my towel and began to shower. I massage my cock and balls, stroking myself to full hardness noticing I was attracting attention from an older guy maybe in his fortys, as I washed he stroked his large thick cock and soaped his balls, I turned towards him to give him a proper show.

The water stopped and we both stood massaging our cocks I knew it was time to act. I walked towards him and without saying a word knelt in the corner of the showers and admired his long thick cock, its veins pulsed as I grasped it and guided the swollen end to my lips. I part my lips and slide my mouth over and down his cock, he groans with pleasure as I do. I begin to work on his cock rolling my tongue around the soft head and along its full length taking him to the back of my throat sqeezing his balls. Before long I come up from the all engaging job of sucking cock and notice we are not alone as I open my eyes and look from side to side I realize there ar two more guys awaiting my services.

I move my hand over and paw the second cock thick but not as big as the first and look towards the third owned by a young good looking lad, I'm in heaven, I begin to suck furiously swapping cocks and hands, hands and cocks the first guy unloads on my cheek and down my chest I suck what remains and get my first taste of cum in weeks, this only spurs me on.

I consentrate on the younger guy and suck and suck massaging his heavy balls the moans grow and his cock hardens and twitches. Hes going to cum. I stroke the shaft keeping the head between my lips and he unloads on my tongue nice, hot, thick streams of spunk, roll it around my mouth and swallow. I then move on to the third cock in my other hand and he doesn't last long a few strokes into my mouth and hes done.

As i get my bearings, my head still swimming for three cocks I feel the heat against my cheek before I see it.

It hits my nose as i turn my head. As I move away my eyes meet the thickest, longest piece of black meat i have ever seen, as thick as my wrist and atleast ten inches hanging flacid backed by balls the size of oranges. I look up and see a hansome man smiling down at me, my eyes trace down his muscular body and back to his huge cock, as i look it jumps and swells moving itself towards my face.

My heart races and I move a hand to its pulseing shaft, it doesnt fit around it with a good inch gap between my fingers and thumb. I'm overcome with lust and lift the head to my lips opening as wide as possible to feed the head past my teeth and start to massage it with my tongue, thats it the rest is left for my hands. I suck and suck and wank the shaft his hand on the back of my head pushing more of his monster into my mouth and down my throat, I gag and gag trying my best to take as much as i can.

After what must have been twenty minuites of worshiping my first really big black cock my knees hurt my jaw is numb and i feel faint, it feels good. My new friend is also enjoying himself and I begin to feel his hips buck and his cock swells further and he unloads into my mouth, I have no choice but to swallow as he cums and cums it fills my mouth and dispite my best efforts his spunk spills out of my lips and down my chin onto the floor of the shower area. I do my best to clean up sucking down his shaft and licking my lips, I want all of it. He moves away and Im left to regain some composure, I shower a move on.

It only then dawns on me I haven't cum yet and i'm hard in seconds.

I find a nice quiet sauna and unwrap my towel I stroke myself as a young guys looks on and wanks. I move into a position where he can suck me which he does with great skill i unload into his mouth but he spits it out, shame.

I shower again and leave satisfide and full. I will be back for some more fun.