Written by comebiwithme

11 Aug 2012

After seperating from my g/f of 13 years its taken a few weeks to get my life back on track. I'd been for a run on Saturday morning and started to think sexy thoughts about my bi tendencies. I got back from the run, showered and decided I'd visit a sauna in Newcastle.

I decided to go to H2O, i remembered it when it was Top2Bottom and the cock fun I'd had there just made me even harder.

I paid my money .

I went thru to the changing rooms and there was an oldish guy in there stripping off. He turned and smiled and gave me a lingering look.I smiled back and we made small talk about the weather (surprise lol).When I stripped naked I could see in the mirror he was checking me out. What a sexy feeling that was.

I had a stroll around the top level and it brought back many memories. I had a quick look in the porn room but no-one was in but enjoyed a minute of gay porn.

I walked thru the door and down the stairs and got showered and followed a guy in to the steam room.

I could see that an oldish guy was standing up and sucking a guy who was on the 2nd tier of steps in there. A guy off to the side of them was sitting, watching and pulling on a hard cock.Not a bad start I thought. I got up and wandered round to the sauna.

There was just 2 guys in there sitting very close together watching some skinhead porn. Nice I thought, I'll gate crash their party lol.

I was watched by them down the steps and in to the sauna. I sat close to one of them and after no more than 1 minute I felt his foot on mine. I moved over to him straight away - what a cock hungry slut I was feeling. I felt his rough hand wrap around my cock. The bubbles stopped but he didnt. His friend was wanking him off as my left hand fondled his balls.

He said "I've got the best of both worlds here"

I replied that his balls felt nice and full of spunk.

All he could reply was a long "mmmmmmmm"

After some mutual wanking I was back in shower with a hankering for cock tasting.

I was back in the steam room when a mid 50s guy walked in naked sporting a semi hard cock.He sat next to me and I immediately knelt down and took hold of his cock with my left hand.

I thumbed the bottle top, pouted my lips and rubbed his knob over my lips. My head buzzed and then I sank my mouth right down his shaft.Slowly and seductively I slurped on his cock as its meaty head grew even more in my throat and mouth.His hands stroked the back of my head and neck. I pulled off it and wanked a few strokes on it then tongued his piss hole and was greeted with a glob of pre-cum. I tongue flicked his cock head then deep throated him. He groaned a "fucking yesssssss" as he stroked my shoulders.

The door opened and a guy walked in and sat next to the guy I was sucking. I got up and sat down and we swapped places, the guy I'd been sucking started to suck me.The new guy moved closer to me and stroked my nipples then leaned over for a kiss. I thought "fuck it why not" and had a gorgeous french kiss with the guy.

The guy sucking me then kept going from my cock to the new guys cock. I felt my cum rising and this was way to early so I got up and got showered.

I wandered thru the maze of rooms, passed the room with a big bed in it and TV where the changing room guy was sucking a big cock of a muscular guy.

I walked thru that room to a dimly lit room with 3 doors.The first was closed, the second and third were open.Now I knew where the toilets were but my mind was racing abt what they were.

I tried not to get carried away in case I was wrong, but I approached the 2nd door, saw there was a guy in there and I nearly fainted with excitement when I saw him sucking a cock that was poked thru a glory hole.


I'd seen them in toilets years ago and this sauna in a previous incarnation had them in the maze but to find them again was a fantasy come true.

I got in to the last booth and just stared like a fucking idiot grinning at the 3 holes in the wall.

I threw my towel on to the bench and took what could only be described as a massive hit of poppers that would have floored a rhino.

Just before the buzz hit me a hard cock poked thru the hole.I was down on my knees in seconds. Im not in to twinks at all but this was the cock of a young guy. But thats the great thing abt glory holes - the anonymity.

As I was getting going the cock disappeared. My turn I thought. So I poked my cock thru the hole and felt a mouth going down the shaft.Another hit of poppers and I was in heaven.

I poked my fingers thru the hole indicating for him to cock the hole.

I was greeted by not 1 but 2 cocks. both hard and wanting attention.I was at both of them back and forth, wanking the one I wasnt sucking. Fucking heaven.

I cocked the hole and got my first double man blow job. The feeling of 2 tongues up and down the shaft was incredible.I knew I wasn't lasting much longer.

I got to suck one more cock then I put my cock thru for more action. I felt a hand wanking it nice and slowly.

I could feel my spunk rising. I wanted to come sooooo badly now so I groaned loudly and said to my anonymous handler "make me fucking cum"

I couldnt speak as the spunk flew out of my cock - 8 days worth and his hand kept wanking harder and harder.

I nearlt passed out thru sheer excitement and had to sit down as everything went sparkly.

As I was getting my towel back on and my composure back some fingers came thru the hole indicating for me to put my cock thru - I laughed to myself and thought "maybe if I was younger"

I jumped in the shower and then set off home, empty, spent, shot thru.

Part 2 - well thats happening tonight if the chance arises.And I know where Im starting the mission - the glory holes.

Hope you enjoyed this long account ?