8 Oct 2016

Quick story about my recent trip to the local sauna on Cross dressing day.

I'm not really into cross dressers but had a free day and thought I'd go to the sauna to see what it was all about. Did my usual preparation of shaving all over, popped a cockring on and caught the train.

When I walked I the place was mainly full of guys, with a few CD's walking around.

I walked past on of the rooms and notice the door was slightly open, I pushed it to reveal a CD bent over with a massive dildoe up their ass. Never seeing this before I went in and slowly started to push the dildoe in and out, watching how it stretched the guys ass. After a few minutes of doing this I moved one of my hands onto his cock and started to pull his foreskin back, feeling the wet precum on the end.

By now my cock was hard and I really wanted it sucked - I asked the guy if he'd oblige and he said yes. Not wanting to take the dildoe out and got underneath, in a 69 position. He began sucking my cock and I continued to fuck him with the massive dildoe. After I while his hands moved to touch my balls and then behind them to my ass hole. I lifted my legs to give him better access and, after feeing some cold lube being applied, he began to slide his fingers in.

He did this for about 5 minutes and I told him how I liked being fingered. he replied that didn't I realise he already had 4 up there. That got me even harder and pushed his dildoe in deeper and faster - as I did he bit down on my now rock hard cock.. I moved myself to start to suck his cock.

The finger stopped for a while and he asked me if I wanted to try one of his toys - too right I did. The next thing I felt something very hard at the entrance to my asshole, but it quickly pushed in.

Now we where both fucking each others asses and sucking cock - it felt great.

The dildoe in my ass came out and before I knew it, another, bigger one went in. I felt very full but he pushed it slowly at first, realising I'd probably not had something that big up there before.

A few minutes passed and the initial pain had gone and the trusting got deeper and faster - and then it stopped again.

he stood up, took the dildoe out of his ass and told me to get on all fours, doggy style. Now its your turn he said and took the massive dildoe that he had and began to push it up my ass. My god did it hurt but felt good at the same time.

He realised my ass wasn't as loose as his so stopped after a short time, and went down and gave me a blow job, letting me cum in his mouth - which he then French kissed back to me

Think I'll be going there again