Written by Shane

8 Jan 2010

You've not stayed here before he said,his fingers gently holding my cock and moving up and down,I said nothing.Most of the chaps who stay are much older,come mostly for toilet fun,not many of them left now,he had a really soft voice.

He slowly wanked me with his right hand his left wanking his own cock.You've found the toilets he said,I could smell them as you came in,did you have fun,I bet some of the old chaps in there would have loved sucking on a young cock like this.

He moved the undies down below my balls and felt them one at a time,you have lovely balls he said,I bet they played with them,I just lay there enjoying the attention.Still holding my balls he lowered his head down and I felt the heat of his tongue as he licked the swollen exposed head of my cock,what a sensation.

He opened his mouth and took my cock in,it was unbelievable,the hot wetness and the movement of his tongue encircling my cock,I could'nt stop my hips rise and fall on the bed.His hand slipped between my legs,pushing the undies down,his fingers going between the cheeks of my arse,probing,probing probing.

I was'nt in control of my body but he was,he realised I was on the point of spunking,he unmouthed my cock and took his fingers from between my cheeks,hold on he said hold on.He put two fingers just below the head of my cock and squeesed,the sensation of wanting to spunk eased,that was close he said.

He pushed the undies down and off then climbed onto the bed putting a leg either side of my hips,he sat on my cock snuggling it in between his arse cheeks,he moved gently backwards and forwards wanking me with his arse.He took my hand and placed my fingers around his cock and started me wanking it,up to that point he had done all the playing.

I was fascinated by the smoothness of skin,I took his completely shaven balls in my hand immediately knowing that I wanted to remove all my own pubic hair.He watched my hand as I played with his balls then back onto his cock which seemed to get bigger with every movement of my hand.

What did you do in the toilets he asked,I bet there were chaps lining up for you,were you in a cube or at the stalls,in the cubicle I said,I go there occasionally he said when I need a really good sucking,were you sucked.He continued to move his arse up and down on my cock as he talked,the head of his cock was silky with precum as I wanked him.

You're the first person thats ever sucked my cock I said,I've never done any of this before,you're a virgin he said a look of complete surprise on his face,when I came in with the towels and saw you standing there in the knickers wanking I assumed you were looking for sex and you found the toilets.

I came here to have gay sex,I did'nt know if I would succeed,you've done that ok he said his arse moving faster on my cock,are you enjoying it,yes I said I'm loving it.I can still remember my first time he said,an old chap sucked me off,was it your first time being sucked off today,I have'nt been sucked off I said they just giving me their cocks to suck them off,the greedy bastards he said laughing.

I,m going to suck you off he said climbing off me,he spread my legs wide apart and started wanking me then his head came down and his mouth went around my cock.He moved his head,slowly at first,then faster and faster up and down,sucking and blowing his teeth gently touching my cock.His hand was back between my cheeks a finger pressing into my arsehole.

My spunk shot from my cock with a force I'd never before experienced,it was only when I'd stopped spunking that I felt his finger deep inside my arsehole.I just lay there as he climbed back astride me and wanked himself off all over my body.I realised why removing hair was a good idea,its so much easier to clean spunk off.