Written by Shane

11 Jan 2010

Thanks for your comments,this is a true story and I'm trying to stick to the events as near as I can remember.The location is a large NW seaside resort,noted for its gay population.

After we'd had sex he said the shower room is down the corridor on the right,theres only 2 other chaps staying at the moment and they are both out,you might want to watch the telly afterwards,tune into channel 10,he winked at me and left the room,I was suddenly aware that he came to my room naked because he left naked.

I just lay on the bed for a little while trying to take in what had happened to me in a matter of hours.I rubbed my cock gently and was a bit surprised how quickly it responded,it was feeling a little tender fron his sucking but the thoughts of having been sucked off and remembering the cocks coming through the holes in the toilets had me hardening up in minutes.

I got off the bed and put the telly on and found channel 10,I sat on the edge of the bed wanking myself as I watched short clips of gay sex,some were obviously home videos made in the guest house,he was in a number of them having sex with different men.I felt the urge to wank myself off but suddenly had a greater urge to have sex with somebody else.

I decided to have a shower,the towel was small just about going around me and there was no way my cock was going to go down,I went to the shower room holding it against my stomach.There was'nt a lock on the shower room door but I was'nt interupted,I enjoyed the shower but could'nt keep my hand off my cock.

I dried and left the shower room naked,the only thing on my mind now was sex.It was only a couple of metres to my bedroom crossing the landing,the chap coming up the stairs stopped in his tracks and stared at my cock,nice to see a new one he said and in full bloom,he was probably in his 60s,I put my towel over it,he just stood there smiling,I went in my room and sat on my bed,I was confused,I had enjoyed him seeing my cock.

The videos were still on the telly,I started to wank myself again,in one of the clips a chap was wearing a full set of girls undies,bra,briefs,suspender belt and stockings,he looked fantastic,I'd never seen anything like it,I got a pair of my girls undies and put them on,I wished I had a full set,there was a couple of other chaps with him doing all kinds of things to him,they were both naked with rock hard cocks which he sucked on in turn.

I heard the footsteps on the landing and the shower room door opening and closing.I had locked my bedroom door but suddenly I found myself unlocking it leaving it open a fraction,the chap in the undies sucked both of them off,one of them pulled his cock from his mouth and spunked over his face.

I was standing in front of the telly wanking, my balls held in the tiny undies,he opened the door and stood there completely naked,the chap on the stairs,don't stop he said,I'd like to see that shooting spunk,I wanted him to watch me.

His hand went to his still limp cock and started to pull on it,he came in and pushed the door closed,do you want a hand he said,I nodded.He put his arms around me from behind and started rubbing his cock against my undies,one hand coming around and going inside them holding my balls,the other took my cock from my hand and wanked me.

I felt his cock harden against my cheeks,he was grunting and moaning loudly,he pushed my undies down his cock felt big as he rubbed it hard up and down between my cheeks.

There was no doubt about his intentions,he was going to wank me off and I was going to let him do it.His hand moved faster and faster,he was banging his cock against my arse,come on,come on,come on he kept repeating and I did.

He immediately tightened his grip on my cock forcing my spunk to shoot upwards covering the telly screen and down the walls,beautiful he whispered as he watched it from behind.He changed hands on my cock and started to wank himself,within seconds I felt the heat of his spunk as it hit my cheeks,he pressed his cock against me and I could feel the jerking as he emptied himself.

That was fucking great he said,have you met the landlord yet,he'll want to suck that lovely cock,we do'nt often get young lads here these days,staying long?,2 more days I said,hope to see more of you,he said,if you want anything else I'm in room 4,you do'nt need to get dressed.

I spent the next couple of days more or less constantly naked,I had regular visitors to my room either wanting to wank me off or suck me off or wanting me to suck or wank them,it was the best 3 days of my life.