Written by Jonathon

27 Oct 2010

We remained like that for a little while,not just my fingers but my whole body feeling the life in his superb cock and the gentle touch from a man of his size as his fingers gently felt and fondled me,his whispering in my ear of how lovely and smooth my body was,he seemed to be completely content with the size of my cock and tiny balls.

His hands went behind me again,both his large hands cupping my cheeks pulling me closer between his legs,his cock fitting between my thighs as my cock touched onto his chest,I could feel the stubble of his chin as his lips sucked softly on my nipples.Thinking back I'm amased that at that point coming off never even crossed my mind,I was so enjoying my whole body being appreciated, not just what I had between my legs.

He gently turned me around and kissed me between my shoulders,his hands moving down the front of my body the fingers of one hand taking my balls whilst the fingers of his other hand softly wanked me.He moved me forward and I felt him close his legs,his arms tightened around my waist and he lifted me onto his lap,I felt his cock go between my legs as he opened my legs wide and lifted me over it,I could feel the slight roughness of his pubic hair on my cheeks as sat me on his lap,his cock came up between my legs pressing against my balls dwarfing my own cock as it stood proud from between my thighs.

His hand encircled both our cocks and wanked them,I lay back onto his body and watched the movement of his fingers and the head of his cock get more swollen and purple.Something drew my attention to a hole in the dividing wall,I had'nt heard anybody enter,but we were being watched,even that was OK,it was even sexy.

His breathing was getting faster and deeper as his hand wanked both our cocks,I'm going to come off he whispered in my ear,I can't hold on any longer,are you ready to come.I snuggled back deeper into his body,his hand moved faster,I felt his whole body tense as his arm tightened around me,I watched the head of his cock reach almost bursting point and them expel burst after burst of beautiful white cream.

Like a chain reaction I felt my own release,nothing like the quantity of his but more than I'd ever managed before.We just lay there on the toilet until we both emptied,the eye at the hole watching every action,we cleaned ourselves and slowly dressed.

Can I drop you off anywhere he asked,he took me back to my bedsit,he came in.