31 Dec 2017

I always enjoy going back to visit with family, but I miss getting any action. I planned ahead this year however and brought both my running gear and bike so that in the very least I could get out for some me-time.

Christmas Eve and about ten miles into my ride along the canal, I slowed right down and soon realised I was being paced by a fellow cyclist.

“Morning,” I called back and soon I was riding next to David who, like me, sought a break from his family time, though in his case it was his wife, kids and grand kids. Older than me and in good shape, I was instantly curious about his interests and wondered if he was thinking the same about me, We carried on laughing and chatting as we rode leisurely along and my questions started to be ansered.

“Of course,” he said, “the tricky part with the house being so busy is getting any alone time, let alone any real action.” We both giggled a bit sheepishly and then the clincher, “Yes, it has been over a week!” He let his get solemn with this announcement and I just smirked.

“Poor, you,” I replied.

We rounded a corner after riding along in silence for a while and David pulled up and dismounted. I joined him and we enjoyed the view across fields as we drank thirstily. He moved back to lean on the bench I turned to see where he had gone. He was in good shape and naturally the lycra showed of his fitness. My eyes were drawn straight to his crotch, he had a nice swollen cock tucked in, pretty thick looking, seeing it outlined as it was made me tingle and I could not help smiling.

“Over a week, you say?” I asked, smiling at him.

“Yes,” he half spoke half moaned back and I loved how his eyes flicked up and down the canal path as he did. I rubbed on my own cock in my shorts as I moved towards him, our eyes locked.

“I would like to help with that,” I told him and he shivered slightly as I reached out and put my hand on it. He moaned out long and slow as I traced my hand over his fat cock, his hands reaching back to me and sliding all over my chest and shoulders. His fingers found my nipple through my top and he punched it, dispelling any last minute nerves from me.

“Been a while since you came then,” I said to him.

“Um hmm,” his breathy response. He pinched both my nipples and I flinched, the shock ran straight through me.

“Fuck, yes,” I whispered as I rubbed my cock in my shorts, “3 days for me,” I moaned, “and boy do I need this!” Suddenly he jumped with a start and in a split second we were both side by side and admiring the view as a young couple came into view, jogging along and passing us in what seemed to take for ever. Even after they had passed up by we stayed on the same position, David had his hand on my lower back and then exploring all over me. I love being touched up and was revelling in the feel of his hands on me. When his hand found my nipples again eh pinched them hard and my knees almost gave way. Rubbing my cock as he molested my breathing got harder and harder.

“Mmm yes,” he said, “Are you gonna come? Are you going to spunk for me baby?” He stood in front of me and his eyes darted up and down the pathway again. Pinching my nipples hard in turn he rubbed his hard on as he watched me, “You gonna come,” he repeated, “Gonna come for me?” and I could only grunt in reply, Get it out,” he instructed, “Wank it off for me, Harry!” He looked up ad down the path once more and encouraged me some more, “Go on,” he said.

I pulled on my shorts and my cock sprung free, the cool air heightening how hot and hard I felt. I pumped my cock, watching him watch me do it, gasping with each pinch and pull on my nipple that sent me nearer the edge. I started to tense and gasp and he reached down and pulled his own shorts lower. I looked down at his cock, standing proud, our tips inches apart. He held my wrist, stopping me mid stroke. He peeled back his foreskin and we rubbed on each other.

“Do it,” he said and he moved his hand away to got back to my nipples. Pulling on them hard again, I wanked and felt my orgasm hit me straight away. He moved nearer and then I was coming, moaning hard and twitching as he pulled me to him so my come hit his cock and neatly trimmed pubes.

“Oh my god, so hot.” He said as he looked up and down once more. My heart was racing and my legs were feeling weak, I leant back hard on the bench. He reached down to pull his shorts back in place.

“You can’t go home like that,” I told him.

“It’s fine he said, I always get home sweaty, she won’t even notice!”

“Forget that,” I laughed, “I mean you can’t go that hard!”

He moaned again as we swapped places. I dropped to my knees, I was so excited to suck him, smelling my own come on his cock. I kissed his tip and pushed his foreskin back with my lips. His helmet was so fat I felt it pull at the corners of my mouth tasting my come and feeling it gather at my lips tight around him. His shaft was thick too, but I was able to open my mouth on it slightly and I sucked, feeling and tasting my come as I slurped it in. I heard my heart pulsing in my head, but still made out his groans and moans as I slide my face further onto him, my face nestling into his body just as he touched the back of my throat.

“Yes, Harry, yes baby,” I heard him say as I moved back and forth on him. It was so hot. He started to push In slightly as I sucked him which I found so sexy, but then abruptly he pushed me back. Instinct took over and I sat down on the ground and pulled my clothes straight as he stood there doing the same. An elderly couple rounded the corner with their dog, they chatted and laughed with each other and we both gathered our breath frustrated at what they had interrupted.

We were fully contained and composed and they were barely halfway towards us. I stood next to David and he said. “Oh well, it was close, but no cigar!”

I explained to him how I still felt so horny and wanted to finish the job for him. It felt so naughty the two of us chatting filth as the smiling couple approached.

“It tasted so good,” I told him, “I really need more…”

We faked small talk some more and then mounted up, David said he knew a place that would be worth a try. About a mile on there was a bird reserve which had plenty of benches and bushes, he laughed that he was sure it was dogging site and if not, then it was a real waste!

It was a great spot and thankful that people must have all been busy with last minute shopping, we propped our bikes on a bench and walked into a few metres of thick overgrowth. I was ahead of David and by then time he stopped I was facing him on my knees. He grinned from ear to ear as he pulled his shorts down and let his thick, half mast cock hang there for me. I licked it, feeling it swell to life already and then too it in my mouth, making him go full hard as I resumes fucking him with my lips. Now dry of my come, I cold feel his own precome and I sucked hard to urge some out of him. He groaned hands and his hands touched the top of my head. I pumped on and off him now, letting my lips catch on his fat helmet before plunging back onto him. Hearing him grunt again I worked him harder and as he tensed a heat grew in my mouth and a millisecond later I tasted his come as it swilled around my gums. I felt more and more of it and swallowed as best as I could with so little room I my gob. His come just kept on coming and I swallowed one more gulp before he responded to the hyper-sensitivity of his cock and pulled free from me sloppy mouth. As always I was so excited from the experience, it turns me on so much to get some off. My cock was hard I my shorts again and I wanted to come once more. Staying where I was I rose up on my knees and pushed my shorts down. My cock sprung out and I wanked, savouring the taste of him spunk in my mouth as I did so.

“Mmmmm,” David moaned as pushed his softened cock away. He reached down and played with my nipples some more and clearly feeling braver with the seclusion around us, let his hands roam further around my body. He stood me up and as I wanked he now grabbed my bum cheeks and whispered into my ear how horny and naughty I was. I spunked off hard, enjoying his hand on chest as I pushed back onto his other one with my rear.

With my cock twitching and the last drop of come hanging from the tip, he took a quick pic of it with his phone.

“A little something for me,” he said, “In case I manage to get ten minutes on my own…”

We pulled our clothes straight one more time and got ready to leave realising that we were going in opposite directions. I was back home all week and so we swapped numbers and suggested that we might meet up again. And then we left, both very satisfied.