1 Jan 2018

David text me later that night when we were all in bed. By coincidence I had been thinking about him and had my cock hard and in hand. He was telling me how naughty I had been and that it was the most fun he had had in a while. It turned me on to be wanted like this and it drove me wild over the coming two days when I was locked down with family time. The house got a bit emptier at least and it was easy for me to get time on my own, have a cheeky browse and a nice, even if I got cut short a couple of times.

I got more messages from David which added to the fun, but it was becoming apparent that our meeting would be a one off. At least until Wednesday night, he was going away on Thursday taking relatives home, but he had arranged it so he was free for a ‘nice long bike ride’ early in the morning. I was instantly on board and he described where we should meet up.

I was tingling with excitement and reminded for the hundredth time that I was crazy going out so early and that I should enjoy a lie in like normal people. I laughed it off feeling like a world class smuggler as I left with my supplies in my bum bag.

The roads and canal path were empty excepting one brisk walker and it was still dark so I was glad that David’s direction were so good. The bird reserve was equally deserted and I leapt out of my skin when he appeared behind me wishing me a good morning.

“Jesus,”I shouted as he laughed, apologising, he had not meant to sneak up on me.

“Let’s go in a bit,” he said and we pushed our bikes along the uneven ground. Like me he was wearing more layers and I pictured his cock underneath his tracksuit ready fro my attention. Water on the ponds rippled to life as the place woke up. We turned left up a smaller path onto a pontoon where there was a small shelter at the end. I had never paid attention to bird hides before (and will not see then in the same way again!), one side looked out across the misty pond and our side had a screen wall and wooden benches; sat on the benches you would not be seen at all unless anyone came round the wooden panels, it was ideal! We rested out bikes on the wall and as soon as we were round at the benches David’s hands were on me. I fumbled for him and found he was hard like I was.

“Hmm, Harry,” he said as he plunged his hands into my trackies, they felt cold on my skin as he cupped my balls and tugged my cock, then his hand shot up my top and found my nipples like it had never been away. I was pleased as well that his hand moved round and he grabbed and squeezed my bum cheeks.

I stood there and let him touché me where and how he wanted. “Oh God,” I moaned, “oh yes!”

“You are so sexy,” he told me.

“Sexy,” I replied, giggling “Not naughty anymore?”

“Oh yes, I like you naughty,” I was feeling just so turned on by now, “I want you, naughty boy.”

“Mmmmmm, yes, David.”

“I have been so hard for you,” he said, “I want you.”

“Open my bag,” I said pointing at my bum bag on the bench.

“Oh you are naughty,” as he pulled out my lube and a string of condoms. This triggered something with him as he held me quickly and turned me away from him. He pulled my trousers down and the cold hit my bum and legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked in a voice as innocent as I cold manage.

“I know how to deal with naughty boys,” he told me and he brought his hand down on my bum.

“Mmm, yes sir,” I said as I leant my weight on to the ledge looking over the pond. He smkacked me hard and I let him know I approved with each strike with either a fake flinch or a moan.

It felt great and he did not even break stroke on me when I felt his finger tip at my arsehole. There was the familiar coolness of the lube on his digit and I gasped as he put increasing pressure on my ring. I was clearly lost in the moment; I had not heard him get the lube, let alone pull his own trackies down.

“Now it is time for the real lesson,” he told me and he hooked his finger tip into my arse, rubbing it around the edge, pulling on it a little until I felt the addition of another finger. He stood me up and moved right up against me.

“I did this to my wife’s pussy last night,” he said into my ear, “imagining it was your cute arse. All I could do was moan feeling his breath on my neck and his hand reach round to pinch and pull my nipple before reaching down to my rock hard cock.

He handed me a condom and told me to unwrap it as he sat down. With his fingers still in my arse, and deeper as he worked then gently in and our of me, I leant down and rolled the condom onto his fat tip and then down his shaft.

“Turn back,” he instructed me and I did so, facing out over the water. His fingers slipped free.

“Ohhh,” I whined, wiggling my rear at him

“Mm, you want it,” he said and this time I did hear the squelch of the lube.

“Yes, please,” I told him, he held my cock under my legs and pulled on it.

“Tell me,” he purred, “Tell me what naughty boys want.

I was electric now with excitement now, “I want your cock, please,” I said, “I want you to fuck me.”

The moment was so charged, I had barely finished the words and I was feeling his tip nudging at my hole. He knew what wanted alright and he pushed on me so I had to brace on the ledge and I could not hold back a little cry out as his thick cock entered me.

“Oh god,” I moaned hard and slowly and his cock opened me up and I felt him filling me, “You are so big…” There was no reply though and I pictured him focusing on squeezing it into me; when his body pushed against my bum cheeks he did not pause and slowly eased back out until I thought he was going to pop out only to have him begin his return journey.

I moaned throughout as his magnificent dick fucked smoothly in and out of me, his hands on my bum or on my waist as he shifted his position a little. He was not too long, but so thick I had not felt that filled up in a long time, I was enjoying it so much.

David winced and said we had to change position, I tried lying on the bench but it was both too hard and too low to be any good. Instead I pulled my leg free of my tracksuit and sat on the ledge, he moved between my legs and looked at my cock, now soft and quite small in the cool air.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I breathed back at him, “Please, don’t stop.”

He need no more encouragement andhe lifted my legs and pushed his cock back into me with ease. I gasped out loud again. It just felt so good and with this new angle he pushed up and pressed on my prostate, it felt amazing being massaged like this by his hard cock and shaft.

He fucked me differently now, his pace quickened and pushed harder at the peak of each insertion. The effect was that his cock felt even harder and the rhythm was making me feel so good inside. I gasped with each push and then I felt it, a hot stream. I looked down and saw my come running from my limp cock, breathing hard as I was so excited coming like this.

David liked it too, he held deep in me as he watched. Then with a start he pulled back and urged me from the ledge. Knowing what was coming, I dropped to my knees as he pulled off the rubber and put his cock to my mouth. I took it eagerly and loved how he pushed it all in my mouth like he had my arse only moments before. He grunted as he used my mouth and then grabbed my head as his come erupted shooting straight down my throat. I held him there for a short while loving how it pulsed on its own. When he pulled out he thread the taste across my mouth and a string of come stretched from his tip my lip before breaking off to land on my chin.

It seemed out of character then, but with barely any words he checked his watch and said he had to get going. He put his clothes straight and said good bye, which felt very formal all things considered. I did not mind though and when he rode off I stayed a little while enjoying the barrage of feelings still on my body, my hole felt stretched and my cheeks tender from his spanking and the hard cold of the ledge. As I took stock of it all my cock swelled as I hoped it would. I sat the pulling on my hard on thinking about how many people may well have fucked or been fucked in this very spot. My come flew pretty quickly after that and I watched it shoot and land on the wooden deck.

Feeling good and satisfied, I pulled myself together and rode home. There were more people to pass on the return journey and I got a last thrill of swapping good mornings thinking, if only they knew.