14 May 2017

How can that be? A second first?

Well it was amazing! After my first gay fuck, when I felt a rock hard penis inside me for the first time, I had one fairly regular fuck-buddy and I used to love getting on all fours for him.

One sunny summer afternoon, I’d arranged to drop round to his place for what I thought would be more of the same. I had a hard on when I was still parking up nearby!

I rang the bell eagerly and had very little time to wait because it opened within a few seconds. There was no one in sight but that was usual, I stepped in and as the door closed behind me, his naked body was thrust against mine and his tongue was in my mouth. As I was welcomed in, I let my hand drop to his already hard and smooth cock. I couldn’t wait, I instantly dropped to my knees and took the head of his cock into my mouth. I felt it expand under my tongue, I didn’t intend to get started straight away – that was just a taster – his and mine. Because it was a hot day I felt a bit hot and sticky so I asked if I could have a quick shower. He pointed up the stairs with a grin – we both appreciated hygiene and oral activity is so much nicer when both parties are nice and clean. I knew that he’d only recently showered,

I ran up the stairs and stripped off while the shower was warming up. It must have been one of the quickest showers ever - within a minute or two I felt cool and fresh and headed down stairs. In anticipation my cock was already upstanding, I didn’t even bother drying myself!

I heard a murmur as I went down the stairs, he saw my legs and cock first as I descended. When I was far enough down the stairs to see him, he was lying on the couch wanking slowly. I walked over and knelt on the floor again – I explained that because I was still wet I didn’t want to soak the sofa!

I started by stroking his balls, I stretched a finger back between his legs to rub his arse gently while with my other hand I began to stroke his shaft. He sighed deeply as I worked his delightful cock. A pool of precum began to ooze out of the tip and I leaned forward and gently lapped it up, running my tongue around his head then slowly sucked that shiny purple gland into my mouth. I felt his hands start to explore, he couldn’t quite reach my own cock so I adjusted my angle, keeping my lips clamped onto his solid penis, so that he could reach me. He gripped tight and wanked me slowly while I mouth fucked his delicious cock.

“Let’s take this upstairs” he said – I didn’t take much persuading. I stood up and he edged forward to do the same but paused midway to lean forward and suddenly take my own member into his mouth – I was already hard but the sudden and unexpected blow pumped even more blood into it. As he sucked I felt his hands explore my buttocks and a finger worked its way in, caressing my own, now rather eager, little hole.

I didn’t know if I was disappointed or not when he stopped and stood, and grabbed my throbbing cock to lead me upstairs. I wanted him to carry on sucking – but I also wanted what was to come upstairs!

When we reached the bedroom we kissed again, pushing our cocks against each other, then he gently eased me onto the bed, he didn’t say anything but he positioned me as he wanted me, on all fours. The anticipation was amazingly erotic, I couldn’t see him but I knew he was behind me – it was too early, he wouldn’t want to fuck me yet but I had a good idea about what was happening. I felt his hands being very gentle, stroking with fingertip delicacy down my spine, over my buttocks, round my legs, edging closer and closer to the interesting bits! Then there was a pause, I felt hands on my rear, pulling my cheeks apart. He was looking at me, looking up close and personal at my anus. I loved it! I felt a shift of weight and suddenly my arse felt cool. He was blowing gently – it felt amazing, not because it’s anything particularly special in itself (but it is a pleasant sensation) but it generated such a sense of expectation – he started to lick my cheeks, first one, then the other. Then his tongue traced patterns around the whole area before finally, at last, he followed a path right to my now very, very enthusiastic hole.

I gasped – his tongue had pushed hard and deep (as deep as a tongue can) into my arsehole. God it felt amazing! He tongued, rimmed, probed and licked all in and around then I felt his hand on my balls, squeezing and stroking.

I was in man sex heaven! My cock was being stroked, my arse licked and could have gone on like that forever, but I wanted my turn.

We’d met enough times to know something about what each other liked and we were able to switch taking the lead. Reluctantly I started to adjust; pulling forward, away from the rather wonderful work his tongue was doing, and turn over. “Hmm, good idea” he said as he fell on my penis, now pointing to the ceiling like a flagpole. It wasn’t what I had in mind but it would do for a moment! My word that guy knew how to suck! I soon told him to turn round, we lay head to toe and got down to some a seriously intense 69 – perhaps one of my favourite activities – with girls or guys come to that! We spent a few minutes, no idea how many, sucking and wanking each other, each of us taking a breather once in a while when the intensity of being sucked made concentrating a bit too hard! That’s not all that was hard.

He’d given me a great time, I wanted to return the favour – so I got up on my knees, eased him over onto his front and nestled down between his legs. I started to massage his very cute looking bum and spine. Then I lay down between his legs and returned the rimming. I pulled his cheeks apart – heard him gasp. But instead of the full on tongue penetration, I started with a very gentle tip of my tongue lick, so close to his arse, but not quite there. I managed to wedge a hand underneath him while I licked, stroking, working my fingers up towards the tip until I could feel his thoroughly soaking gland, I teased the hole at the end and collected more of his precum with my fingers. I timed it quite well I think, the moment my fingertip made contact with the tip of his knob, my tongue pushed hard into his anus, judging by his grunts and squirms, he quite enjoyed it.

When that was done, my plan had been to lay back and open my legs for a good fuck, but…

So, I was now horny as hell, my cock was fit to burst, so was his, we were both worked up and enjoying ourselves. I wanted to move on but I wanted to make it last too. So, as I was adjusting my position – a ridiculous idea occurred to me, I have no idea where it came from but I traced my tongue from his arse, up his spine, all the way to his neck. I had to crawl a little to keep it going. I had to lift myself up to reach and I felt my cock tapping against his buttocks, so than I started tracing the tip of my cock around his back too. That’s the moment the plans changed, I moved my cock back and forth over his skin, “that’ feels nice” he said, so I kept doing it and moved down. I had intended to just rub the tip against his little hole. But I had forgotten, I’d spent the last ten minutes rimming him vigorously. His arse was still soaking wet, so without any pressure at all – my head just slipped in. I looked down and saw his little arse hole expand, and swallow my tip – it felt amazing but I was also a little worried – I’d never done any bareback before.

“Oh that’s good” he said, as I was trying to apologise. “It’s ok as long as you don’t come”. I just left it there for a moment before he said he wanted to turn over. I pulled back and watched as he span round and in one movement he reached over to a bedside table and pulled out a condom which he handed to me. “Fuck me”! I’d never topped, he was about to get my second cherry. I ripped off the foil and slipped the condom on as he lay down and pulled his legs wide apart. It was a very horny sight, his cock was rock hard, glowing with moisture and bolt upright. I couldn’t resist dropping down and taking it into my mouth quickly for a couple of gulped sucks before I edged forward and assumed the position. He grabbed some lube, squeezed a little into his hand and quickly touched it to his arse before rubbing what was left onto my cock. I pushed, paused, eased the tip against his hole and I slipped into him incredibly easily, I paused to ask if he was ok, “god yes,” then I pushed further.

As his cock jiggled up and down I could see my cock buried in between his cheeks. I pulled back and then forward again, within a few strokes I was inside him up to my balls and loving it.

I’d like to say that I pounded him for hours, it wasn’t a 5 second quickie but it wasn’t a marathon either. After a couple of minutes I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I could feel it rising, my cock was getting bigger and I was on the edge and the more he enjoyed it the more I could feel his tight arse tightening even more. I pounded him harder, “fuck me, fuck me harder” he said to egg me on. He reached up, pulled me down to a long kiss and as I pushed myself up again I came, I thrust deep into him one last time and came like I’ve never come before. I pulsed and pumped wave after wave of cum into the condom.

I had to take a break for a second or so after that but I knew he needed to come too. I was softening but still inside him so I managed to get upright enough to reach his cock comfortably. In fact, because mine was still buried in his arse, his cock was practically where mine would have been. I stroked, tip to shaft and back again, I couldn’t move much because my own penis was still pretty sensitive from orgasmic aftershock but I managed to flex and move it a little as I wanked him off. It was his turn not to last long, he bucked his hips as he got closer, which felt wonderful but was pretty hard to bear. Then a final violent jerk of his body – he shot his impressive load, some hit my chin, my chest and my hands were covered in it. Sadly that last spasm of his had been enough to dislodge my cock from inside him, which was both a shame and a relief.

Finally, I dived down and took his head into my mouth, just to taste the last dribbles of come oozing from his dwindling cock. “Oh you sneaky bastard!” It wasn’t a complaint. I peeled off the condom as I did so. It was about as full as I’d ever seen one before.

Somehow I managed to crawl up the bed and we both collapsed next to each other panting. We spent a few moments gently playing with each other’s cocks.

And that, was how I had my second, first gay fuck!

Sad to say, that was a while ago now. He relocated for work so we didn’t meet too many more times after that but I’d love to find someone else who would enjoy a similar adventure with me! Any takers?