Written by Hung_kidd

30 Oct 2008

Following on from my last posting and after a few nice comments especially from Simon who unfortunately I cant message back due to membership I will continue my account of my introduction to the pleasures of cock.

It was about 2 months later when I was able to meet with nick again, I went over to his apartment and rung the intercom my cock was hard in my jeans as I pressed the bell, still nervous and shaking. He came to the door and let me in, reaching out and grabbing my cock as i walked through the door. We walked though the hall and into his apartment. He closed the door behind me and told me to take off my clothes whilst he made a drink. I duly obliged and walked through to the living room stark naked. Very nice he said then told me to get on my knees and take out his cock and suck it. He went straight back into the role play of headmaster and naughty school boy telling me what a good boy I was and asking such things as did my friends and family know what a good little cock sucker I was. The next thing I knew he was taking photos of me and telling me that he would be blackmailing me, that he would show all of my friends if I didn't continue to please him. I tried to protest but he sat down, pulled me over his knee and spanked me hard. I was loving it my arse was getting rosy and warm.

He pulled me up, my cock stood to attention, he took a few more snaps and told me to go to the bedroom. inside I found a video camera setup and pointing at the bed. He told me to get on the bed and assume my position whilst he played with the camera, Perfect he said as I layed on my back and pulled my legs up exposing my arse. he remained fully clothed and applied a small amount of KY jelly to his cock. He walked towards me and climbed on top, forced his big cock against my arse and slid in slowly, again there was a mixture of dull ache and pleasure. he pounded away for a few minutes and ten told me that he was going to cum, he said that I had to swallow, he with drew and without sticking his cock in my mouth wanked off a few strokes close to my parted lips and shot his load over my face and in my mouth. I swallowed and waited whilst he pulled the camera from the tripod. lick the cum from your lips he commanded as he zoomed in on my face.

Now he repositioned the camera on the tripod and proceeded to wank me off whilst telling me (Still in role play) that he was going to be showing the video that we had just made to a few of his colleagues who he was sure would also be enjoying me before long.

That is for another story.

Let me know what you think especially Simon