Written by Nick

3 Jul 2012

My first every gay experience occurred when I was 18. I was very active and enjoyed doing lots of sports. I had just finished running around the college track and decided to take a shower. It was a cold winters evening so was thankful to warm up. I entered the open plan area and noticed there was a young guy in the corner washing his hair. I felt a little embarrassed as we were both completely naked but decided to go in the corner so my back was to him. I washed myself, taking my time as I was enjoying the warm water wash over. I realised that this lad was still showering, I turned around to have a peek and caught a glimpse of his penis. I was shocked because for such a slim lad he was quite well hung. At the time I didn’t consider myself turned on by other men but I must admit the thought of us alone together in the showers…it got me a little excited.

As the minutes ticked by I was growing in confidence about being naked with another man and decided to turn around and carry on with my shower. As I said earlier I was little turned on, and combined with the warm water flowing over my naked body my penis was in a semi hard state. I noticed in the corner of my eye that this lad was giving it a few cheeky looks which turned me on even more. I had to turn away as my cock was now becoming fully erect. I turned my head around to see what he was doing and to my amazement he was quite clearly rubbing his own cock! Just the sight of him doing that over me was really exciting, I needed to leave and ‘take care of myself’ in one of the changing cubicles.

I turned the shower off and tried my best to cover myself as I walked past him. He turned around, exposing himself as I walked past.

“I like your cock.” he said. I just froze, unsure what to do. It was pretty obvious I had a hard on as I tried my best to conceal it. The problem was my towel was just outside the shower area so he could quite easily see I was aroused. “Do you like mine?” He asked. He was slowly rubbing his fully erect dick. I was in awe. It was so big! It honestly must have been 10 inches and that is no exaggeration. It was slightly intimidating with the purple head throbbing between his tight grasp.

I stood still, unable to move. I didn’t know what to do. At first this experience was kind of fun, but now it had suddenly got a whole lot serious. Part of me wanted to run and get the hell out of there. But another part wanted to stay, I wanted to touch it…was I gay? I had never experienced these feelings before. He made the decisions for me. He walked over and pushed my hand away, grabbing my own cock. He held it tightly and pulled me underneath the shower. He slowly started to wank me off and it felt amazing! At first I didn’t know what to do, I was now concerned someone was going to walk in on us. It was late and the majority of people had gone home, but still…imagine if we were caught. Truth be told the thought of that turned me on even move. I moved my hands over his body, touching his naked back, groping his firm bottom. We stared at each other as the warm water washed over our naked bodies. All you could hear was the water hitting the floor and a soft moan coming from my mouth. I wanted to kiss him, to thank him for this experience. My cock must have been the hardest it had ever been. This was much more exciting than being with my girlfriend…it was so taboo.

Once again he was the first to make the next move. He took his free hand, placed it around my neck and pulled me closer to him. Our lips touching, I opened my mouth, allowing this strangers tongue into mine. We must have carried on kissing for a few minutes whilst he continued to jerk me off. His tight grasp becoming even tighter, his tugging even harder, it felt amazing and I was feeling the point of no return approaching quickly. Just before I was about to cum he let go, he broke away from our kiss, he then inserted two fingers into my mouth. I was tasting myself, the taste of sex it was so erotic. I went to grab his cock that was now sandwiched between our two bellies, the heat it was omitting was incredible. He pushed my hand away, I looked at him disappointed, I wanted to touch him, I wanted to pleasure this stranger. Instead he returned to my cock, he continued to jerk me off, but this time with a quick, steady rhythm. He must have felt me tense up as my body prepared to ejaculate. He started to tug faster. My cock felt like it was going to explode as I desperately tried to keep the cum inside me, I didn’t want this moment to end! My eyes rolled back as the pleasure became too much, I exploded all over his naked chest. I had never came like that before, waves and waves of hot sticky semen came flowing out of my throbbing cock. I remember stumbling forward falling into his arms as the pleasure was just too much to handle. My knees were weak, I was shaking a little and he still had a firm grasp of my exhausted cock.

I looked up at him in a state of shock, I couldn’t believe we had just done this. There were so many thoughts running through my head, to tell you the truth I was a little afraid, unsure with how to deal with the situation. Most of my spunk had washed away into the drain below however there was still a little on his chest. I remember him wiping it onto his finger and then licking it! I just stood there with my mouth open, in complete bemusement.

“Come on.” He said as he lead me to one of the changing cubicles. He locked the door behind him. we were in complete isolation now. The walls and the door went from the floor right to the ceiling. I felt a lot more at ease now that the risk of us being caught had gone. He had another brief kiss whilst he continued to play with my cock. By now it was rock hard and ready for action again! It was such a surreal experience, I had not said a word to him and yet within the last few minutes he had been kissing me, groping me and jerking me off!

He placed his towel on the floor and knelt down on it. I will always remember this moment for as long as I shall live – he performed oral sex on me…it was incredible. He teased me at first, licking my balls and then up and down my shaft. Again I was weak at the knees, I was so excited, nervous and turned on. He took my cock in his warm mouth and started sucking very hard! His head bobbing up and down, the odd squirty sound rang out as the seal around his mouth was broken. It felt incredible and it wasn’t long before I nearly came again. My first words to him were “I’m going to cum, do you want me to tell you when.” He looked up with a smile and said “Just cum in my mouth.” Literally a few seconds later I was shooting my load for a second time in as many minutes. I watched with interest as he just swallowed my load…without even thinking about it!

I desperately wanted to return the favour and pleaded with him to stand up. He did so, but just before I knelt down he kissed me again. Grabbing my face with both hands. It was so sexy, he still had my penis residue around his lips, as well as a little bit of cum in his mouth. I knelt down and just stared at his sword, that was the only way to describe it! It was massive, I could see a vein pulsating through the side! It was really intimidating but I just had to try it. I grabbed it with my hand and gave it a few slow tugs, examining it closely. He let out a deep breath, I could tell he was excited. I teased him for a bit. I didn’t want to rush this moment. I was building myself up, it needed to be perfect. I inhaled his scent, a combination of shower gel and sex filled my nostril. Fuck it I thought. I opened my mouth and took it in as far as I could manage. God it tasted amazing! It was so warm as well. The helmet hit the back of my throat and I gagged a bit. I then felt two strong hands on the back of my head. He was forcing it deeper into my mouth! At first it was quite scary because he was so strong and I was struggling to breath at one point! He released his hold over me and I let out an exasperated breath. I licked his shaft, copying what he had did to me. I then took one of his large balls in my mouth sucking it hard.

I decided to wank him off, and instead concentrated on licking his balls. Oddly they tasted better! I continued to tug at his throbbing cock as I stood up, licking his belly ad chest on the way. We shared another kiss before he ushered me to get back on my knees. Just as my knees hit the floor his dick shot his thick creamy load all over my face! It was a complete shock, I never expected that much and it was so thick! It smelt really fishy and I could taste a bit that had landed around my mouth and nose. He pulled me up and once again and started kissing me. He was lapping up his own semen off my face! It felt so right. His slimey cock was now rubbing past mine as we held one another tightly. We took it in turns to go down on one another, cleaning each other up.

After what seemed ages we were finally in a state to leave the cubicle. We got dressed and finally got round to asking what one another’s names were! We exchanged phone numbers and arranged another meeting. Do let me know if you want me to tell that story ;)