Written by Nick

4 Jul 2012

I’ve had a few requests to tell the second part of this story which I’m glad because I had so much fun writing the first part. To tell you the truth I was very nervous about sharing this experience with you. It was a very strange period of my life where I didn’t know ‘what I was’. I fancied girls, I had plenty of girlfriends but there was always something about men that got me excited.

http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-95827.html - For those of you that haven’t read the first part, I recommend that you do so to fully understand this next bit.

I’ll try to pick off where my previous story ended. We were still in the changing rooms, had just exchanged mobile numbers and were about to go our separate ways.

I walked home as my house was literally round the corner from the college. I was going over what had just happened in the showers. I had just performed a gay sex act on a complete stranger and loved it. Just the thought of it was turning me on as made my way home. I was now worried for a number of reasons. First of all I was now confused about whether I was gay? I certainly had enjoyed what he had done to one another and to be honest I desperately wanted to do it again. Secondly, what if he told someone? What if my friends found out? I would be an outcast, made fun of and would never live it down. What would my girlfriend think? She would be embarrassed.

I remember checking my phone and saw that I had two text messages. One was from my girlfriend, she was asking whether I wanted to come round as her parents were out for the night. She had put a winky face at the end so I knew what she meant. The second text was from him. It read something like “’had a gr8 time. Cant w8 to c u again x.” Honestly, out of the two texts, the one that got me more excited was the one from him. What was wrong with me?. It was for this reason that I went round to my girlfriends. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t gay…

To tell you the truth it didn’t go well. Her parents were indeed out but I was so distracted. I found it difficult to concentrate on what she was saying. It was only when we went upstairs that I managed to drag myself away from my gay feelings…well for a bit at least.

We had had sex on a number of occasions so it was nothing special. We started fooling around and she went down on me. At the time I was ashamed to admit this but when she was giving me a blow job, I was fantasising about him. I couldn’t get my mind off him. She even asked whether I had been wanking at home or something because she could smell the stale semen left on my cock (from college).

For the next few days nothing really interesting happened. I continued to text him and whenever I was alone we chatted on the phone. I was really scared about people finding out, my phone must have not have left my side since we did what we did. I was paranoid my girlfriend would read a text he could send whilst I was in the loo or something.

One night we had phone sex. We were chatting away about random topics and then all of a sudden he said he had a massive hard on and he was thinking of all the stuff he wanted to do with me. Instantly my cock began to twitch, and within seconds we were both wanking ad talking dirty. Some of the things he was saying get me hard even to this day! He was so filthy and it didn’t take long before I was cumming all over my bed sheets. He use to get off on the fact that he could make me cum with just a few simple words.

He too had a girlfriend but admitted that he was definitely bisexual. Like me, he wanted to keep his gay side secret. The main difference between the two of us is that he knew what he wanted and had previous experience with other boys. We both knew what was eventually going to happen, and to be honest going ‘all the way’ was the only way I was going to know whether I was truly gay or not. The date was therefore set. His parents were going away for their anniversary and he was going to have the house all to himself for a week!

I had never been so nervous in the lead up to our first night. I was terrified but at the same time excited. I decided to ‘tidy myself up’ and shaved myself for the first time. After a few ‘awkward’ moments I admired myself in the mirror. It’s true what they say, it does make it look bigger!

I went round to his house about 10pm. I had previously been at my girlfriend’s house watching a film but made some excuse that I had to be up early the next morning. He opened the door with a big grin on his face and let me in. This is the first time I had seen him since the shower incident. At first it was like a couple of mates hanging out. We watched tv and drank a few cans of beer. I needed them actually because I was so nervous with what was going to happen.

It was approaching midnight when he made the first move. We were both sat on the sofa watching tv when he started rubbing my crotch. It wasn’t long before my cock was trying to escape my trousers. He stood up and switched the tv off and walked back over to me. I took off my t shirt, trousers and pants and lay back on his sofa. The cold leather feeling good against my skin. He laughed when he saw that I had shaven myself. “That looks hot.” He said. He knelt down and grabbed my erect penis. Taking in a few deep breaths, he smelt my bits. His other hand began to squeeze my balls. I closed my eyes and tried my best to take everything in. I was completely relaxed, this was the moment I had been fantasying about for weeks. He started to suck me off, his head bobbing up and down slowly. His hands continued to squeeze and play with my balls. It was so sexy, it hurt but also felt amazing at the same time. I caught a glimpse of him pleasuring me in the mirror, the sight of two young lads pleasuring one another was such a turn on. It gave me a great angle of what he was doing. I can’t begin to describe just how amazing his mouth felt wrapped tightly around my hard dick. It felt so good. I remember grabbing his head, pushing it deeper onto my cock.

He stopped blowing me and instead started to lick my balls, then taking them in his mouth, one at a time. Sucking on them hard, it felt incredible. My cock was leaking pre-cum as it stood to attention, the head glowing a beautiful dark purple. He started talking dirty to me like he did on the phone. “yeah, you like me sucking your cock don’t you.” “you’re just a little queer aren’t you.” All I could do was let out a few moans and agree with him! “keep doing that.” I managed to say. I had never felt this much pleasure. He was so much better than my girlfriend at giving head.

He then stood up and slowly started to strip for me. I watched as he removed his top, trousers and then pants. His cock was rock hard too. We just stared at one another for moment, both of us slowly wanking at the sight of the other man’s cock. He then sat next to me, both of us now completely naked in his parents living room (if only they knew what their son was doing). We grabbed one another’s cocks and started rubbing them. He leant forward and kissed me. His other hand resting my chest, he must have felt my heart beating away. He pushed me back so that I was lying horizontally across the sofa. My cock sprang up resting on belly. He then lay on top of me. Our erect cocks resting on one another. We continued kissing whilst he started to kind of dry hump me. Our cock rubbing up and down on our bellies. It oddly felt really good. Having such a strong lad on top of me was really arousing. I remember grabbing his firm bum and giving it a few cheeky squeezes. I dug my fingers into it and he let out a little cry. He grabbed my hand and put one of my fingers in his mouth. He sucked on it, moistening it up, he then placed my hand on his bum and asked me to rim him. I had never done that before! I tried my best to pleasure him whilst he kissed me. I even inserted my finger in his bum for a brief period! He let out an excited moan, We must have done this for quarter of an hour or so. He then sat up and straddled me, my cock just in front of him. He grabbed it and started to wank me off hard and fast. I remember him staring at me and saying “I want you, I want to fuck your ass.” After hearing those words I remember cumming all over the sofa! I was so excited and turned on. He then went down on my cock, balls, stomach, lapping up my spunk. It was so sexy to watch my new friend enjoying my semen. I went to grab his dick so I could return the favour. He swatted my hand away and explained that he was saving himself for my ass. He then took my hand and led me upstairs to his parents’ bedroom.

Hi parents had one of those super king beds, it was huge! He ripped off the duvet and I climbed on. He left the room and came back with a box of condoms and some lube. He put them on the bedside table and then leapt on the bed. He pinned me down and started kissing me again. He started biting my lip which really turned me on. So much so that I started to bleed a bit. He then started licking my ears whilst whispering filthy things in my ear. I was getting hard all over again.

He stood up and asked me to gently suck his cock. I didn’t need asking twice! I was straight on him and slowly began to pleasure his giant dick. The smell was incredible, and it was sticky from where the pre-cum had been rubbed into his foreskin. He was trying to open up the box of sealed condoms whilst I sucked on his balls. He pushed me away saying he was going to cum! I decided to lie on the bed and watch him prepare his dick for my virgin ass.

I was pretty nervous at this stage. Anal sex was a big deal. I hadn’t even tried it with my girlfriend let alone even considered what it would feel like being in my bum! He was a big lad too, I was concerned it was going to be too big for my skinny bum.

He rolled the extra strong johnny onto his massive cock. There was something about it being wrapped in latex that made it even sexier. He flipped me over so I was lying on my stomach and poured some cold lube onto my hole. He gave my bum a little spank before biting it, it felt so naughty. He massaged the lube around hole, rimming me slowly. I had to sit up and allow my cock to rest against my stomach, it was so hard, I gave it a few tugs whilst he poured the lube onto his cock. This was it.

“It will hurt at first, just relax and allow it in.” he whispered. I parted my cheeks with both hands, took a few deep breaths and gave him the nod.

“FUCK!” I screamed as he slowly forced his cock into my tight asshole. He gave it a few prods before putting all of his weight behind it. “Ahhhhhh, fuckin’ hell, stop!” I screamed out. “Just relax, trust me.” He said in a calm, reassuring voice. I tried my best to accept it, at first nothing changed, but then the pain was going. He started to thrust slowly, in and out. It was starting to feel kind of good. It was so warm. It kind of felt like I was having a shit, but then all of a sudden I felt him lying on top of me. He was kissing my neck, whispering in my ear “that’s it slut, take my cock, you fucking love it now don’t you.” And I did love it. His full weight now resting on me as he continued to thrust quickly into my no longer virgin ass. I couldn’t escape if I wanted to, his entire body was now resting on mine, he was so much stronger than me. I just had to be good and take it. I managed to lean on my side so that we now kind of spooning. He reached round and started jerking me off, in rhythm to the fucking. I can honestly say I have never felt pleasure like that before. I was now in a completely different world. My eyes rolled back as I accepted this lad taking my anal virginity. I leant back resting on him, he continued to talk dirty to me as he had his filthy way with my naked body. It wasn’t long before I felt myself cumming on his parents bed sheets. He flipped me back onto my stomach, pushing my chest onto my own cum. He was now fucking me a lot harder, the pain was coming back a bit. I just lay there and took it like the good little boy I was. I felt his cock pulsating as it furiously fucked my tight ass and then I heard him let out a big moan as he came into the condom. “Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming.” He screamed out. And then it was over…

He collapsed onto me. We just lay there in silence for the next few minutes. His cock still inside my ass, I felt used, I felt like a whore…and I loved it. He eventually exited me and threw the used condom full of his spunk onto the floor. He then grabbed hold of me and started kissing the back of head and neck. We decided to call it a night…I stayed over, for the first time in my life I shared a bed with another man. The next morning was my turn to fuck him, I couldn’t wait!

Let me know if I should go on! Hope this one wasn’t too long :)