Written by A Gentle Boy

2 Nov 2012

How many times I've read about those famous gloryholes.I'm not long out of college,glad to finish,I'm not the physical outgoing type,pretending that I was hetrosexual, knowing I'd be getting stick if some of the guys knew about my sexuality was how it was,the only sexual experience I had until recently was with an older man I met when I was on a walk on my own along an isolated piece of river,he was sitting half hidden in some bushes wearing just a pair of extremely brief white undies,it was sureal,I don't normally find it easy to talk to people and yet somehow I stayed there with him as he removed the undies and then I watched him masturbate,he wanted me to do other things but somehow I was'nt ready,for weeks afterwards I kept having visions of him masturbating,that was the sum total of my sexual experience until a couple of weeks ago.

Again a sexual thing just happened,I don't know if I'm allowed to mention the name of the place on here,I've only found this site recently.I was in this small town in Cumbria,the only work I've been able to get is some hotel work,I was staying overnight there.I was just wandering around in the early evening,the place was pretty deserted,I was just out of the town.I walked past some public loos,I'd read bits about sex in gents loos but they were'nt places I normally went in anyway.

Why I decided to turn about and go in this one I don't know,I did'nt really think about anybody being in there,I had'nt seen anybody around.He obviously did'nt hear me coming in,at first I was'nt sure what was going on.I saw him right away he was standing with his front pressed up against the door of the moddle cubice of three.Immediately he saw me he pulled away and turned back to the urinal,I could'nt fail to see him holding his cock whick was fully erect in his hand,I looked towards the door he'd been standing against and saw the fairly large hole,the only thing it could have been was that he'd had his cock in through the hole to the person inside.

Like the time with the man by the river I found I was staying in the loo,like then the right thing to do would be to move on,but for some reason I'm standing at the urinal a couple of feet from the guy who has just taken his cock from the hole in the door.It was only a matter lf a couple of minutes until he turned in my direction,like the man by the river he was masturbating,I could see he was pleased that I was watching his hand doing it,I still had'nt even taken my own cock out and when he nodded towards the front of my trousers I knew that was what he wanted me to do.

I was terribly nervous as I powered my zip,I knew that my cock when fully hard would'nt be a big as his.His smiling and nodding approval helped me greatly,he watched me still nodding his approval as I pushed down the front of my undies and let him see me,because I was so nervous I did'nt have a full erection,but he seemed very pleased,he started to masturbate himself a bit faster.

I could all the time hear noises coming from the cubicles,all three were occupied,he looked towards the doors every so often,I know now that he was waiting for one to become vacant.Fingers appeared at the hole in the door,I was relaxing and had a achieved a full erection,it was smaller than his but he was whispering nice nice as he watched me masturbate.

He turned and walked back to the door the fingers pulled away and I watched completely fascinated as he put his cock in through the hole,he was obviously loving whatever was being done to it because he started to moan gently and push hard onto the door,his testicles were also inside.I stood there watching a feeling of utter calm and sense of satisfaction engulfing my body,like all boys of my age I masturbated regularly but this was something I'd never before felt,I was'nt just masturbating to relieve sexual tension, I was masturbating for pure enjoyment and what was happening around me did'nt seem wrong,the guy at the door was doing what he was enjoying doing.

When he pulled back from the door I could see his cock still dripped saliva,I'd already worked out that it was probably being sucked,even then though all of this was new to me I knew I could suck a mans cock and already the thought of having my own cock sucked was beginning to appeal to me,I was thinking ahead somewhat considering right then I'd never even experienced another persons hand on my cock,man or woman.

He was back standing at the urinal letting me watch him pulling on his saliva covered cock,the head swollen and shining from a mixture of saliva and precum.The middle door opened and a middle aged man emerged,he looked in our direction smiled and nodded and left,that was really the first time anything was said,you can go first if you want he said,I had'nt planned to end up in one of the cubicles and without even thinking I went in and pushed the door closed,there was'nt a lock.

Except for the hole in the door I'd never before seen a "gloryhole" now there was two one on either side of me,the lights had come on and I could immediately see naked flesh on both sides of me,the nevousness returned,I was'nt sure what I should do,both the holes were large,should I look through,I pushed down my pants and briefs and sat on the loo,it was still warm from the previous guy,I was noticing things,the graphiti on the walls,the semen stains some still fresh,so many things were happening at once,I had an erection and I was handling it more than masturbating it.

I could see cocks on both sides of me both being briskly masturbated,I became aware there was an absence of any clothing,both guys were totally naked,the man by the river was naked when he ejaculated.It was all new,I saw him rise from the loo and watched as he pointed his cock towards the "gloryhole",then it was coming in to me,I knew I should do something,without thinking I put my fingers around it,OMG it was AWSOME the reaction of holding a mans erect cock in my fingers shot through my body,I was aware of my own cock jumping and jerking.

I must have been doing the right thing,it was as if his cock was swelling even more,it was so hot,THROBBING,THROBBING,THROBBING. I wanted to feel it inside my mouth,holding cock in one hand and testicles the other I got on my knees,so many things were happening at once,as I tasted my first cock I felt fingers exploring my own body from the other cubicle,I wanted to do so many things at once,feel his equally hot testicles,take in all the semsations my mouth was feeling and now fingers had found my own testicles and were moving toward my cock.

The story of my "gloryhole" initiation had just begun,over the next hour or so,I know I was being greedy hogging the cubicle,it was one of the things I've learned.Several times I came ever so close to ejaculating,in the end I was pleased how long I managed to hold out,I ended up seeing and doing things that a couple of hours earlier I could'nt even have imagined.