Written by Walter

15 Dec 2008

I,m really glad I met you,he said.I get a bit bored at my aunts house.Would you like to come and visit me.I,m not sure I said,some people know me in the village.It,s outside the village,within walking distance of here.We agreed a day and time.Can I give you a little present,I offered him my ex wifes sexy undies,thank you,I,ll wear them in bed and think of you,he said laughing.I stayed naked as I watched him dress,he bent and touched my cock with his tongue,gently felt my balls with his fingers and left.

I thought about him constantly as I waited for our next meeting.I visited the local town and bought new sexy underpants,white and skimpier than I usually wore.I felt really good in them.I walked in anticipation to his house.It was a nice summers evening,I wore slacks and shirt.He saw me arrive,he opened the door as I reached it,he was completely naked.He did,nt have a hard on,he looked beautiful,smelling like he had just got out of the shower.Nice to see you,he smiled,I hoped you would,nt change your mind.He was so at home in his nakedness,in here,he said,we went in the back room.

He pointed to one of the two armchairs,I sat down.A drink he asked,please I said.He walked to the cabinet,I watched his cheeks move,he was lovely.He bent down to get glasses from the bottom of the cabinet,his legs moved slightly apart.I felt my mouth go dry as I looked at his cheeks move apart,he bent lower,giving me a full view of his balls gently moving betwen his legs.I felt my cock begin to rise,tight in my undies.He got the glasses,straightened and turned towards me,his cock was almost fully erect,he stood smiling at me.He poured two glasses of wine,his cock now rock hard.He put the wine on a coffee table.I sat there mesmerised.

Let me make you more comfortable,he said as he knelt before me and removed my shoes.I felt completely in his hands.Stand up,he whispered,I did.He undid my belt,he knew my knees were trembling,he looked up at me and smiled.He lowered the zip then slowly pushed my slacks down,I stepped out of them.My cock was wanting to escape from my undies,he moved his hands up the inside of my legs,squeesing gently on my balls then over the material,feeling along the length of my shaft,I could,nt avoid pushing myself towards him,I could hear my fast breathing.He stood up and slowly undid my shirt as he did so he pressed his lips against mine,I responded kissing his moist lips.

He pushed my shirt off my shoulders,it fell away.He moved down my body,his tongue touching my skin.He was on his knees again,he slipped his hand down the front of my undies and released my cock,I could feel it throbbing in his grip.With his other hand he pushed my undies down,it felt unbelievable.I immediately spread my legs apart.His soft hot hand played with my balls,his other wanked me,I was in heaven.I felt his breath as his mouth closed over the head of my cock,I was looking down at his head moving up and down on my cock,his eyes were turned up towards me smiling.I did,nt want him to stop,it would have been easy to let myself come off,I wanted to.

He must have known,he lifted himself up slowly,his tongue again touching along my skin.His lips were back on mine,he pressed his cock hard against mine,moving from side to side,the silky wetness from our precum lubricating the movement.Suck me he whispered,he stood back and spread his legs.His cock was red hot in my mouth,his hands were holding my head as he pumped in and out.I thought he was going to come off,I think I wanted him to.He lifted my head away,not yet he said.I think you liked when I bent down earlier,he laughed,it was beautiful,I whispered.He turned away from me and rested his hands on the coffee table.spreading his legs wide apart.I reached between his legs and gently fondled his balls,his bottom was moving from side to side,I took my hand from his balls and with both hands spread his cheeks apart,for the first time I saw his beautifully puckered hole,I gently touched it with my finger,it immediately twitched,he was moaning softly,I knew he liked it.

He bent lower,his head on the coffee table,his hole twitching to my every touch,spontaniously I got on my knees,spreading his cheeks further apart I touched his hole with my tongue,he was moaning really loud.I pushed my tongue in as far as was possible,he started to wank himself really fast,I knew he was going to bring himself off,I decided to join him.One arm holding him tightly I moved my tongue as much as I could in his hole,we were both wanking furiously now,I felt his hole tighten on my tongue,then his body jerking violently,I felt my own spunk rise and shoot from me.We both wanked ourselves to a standstill.He rolled onto the floor,I lay behind him,my arm around his body,he started laughing.That was great,he whispered,yes,I whispered back.