Written by Walter

11 Dec 2008

I woke before he did.I slipped off the bed and looked at him layed there.My ex wifes undies were covering his cock,he looked very sexy.I smiled to myself,I could hardly believe that I had come off twice in an hour,usually I,d wank myself off a couple of times a week.I left him there and made a cup of tea,I sat on the sofa naked,somehow it felt completely natural.I heard him get off the bed,my heart beat faster.He came from the bedroom wearing the bra and knickers,he stood looking at me a smile on his face,I like these,he said,you look fantastic,I replied.

How soon do you have to go,I asked,no hurry he replied,I,m staying locally at an aunts house,she,s in the states for six weeks,there,s no fun in the village.How did you know about the dunes,I asked.Just luck,he replied,I needed sex,I was fed up with just wanking myself off,I walked on the dunes and met a guy,I knew right away he was looking for the same thing,we just had a wank.How long have you have you being doing it with men,I asked,only about 12 months,he said.

My first time was an accident,I was spending a few days in Birmingham.I went in a public toilet one evening,I half knew that guys had casual sex in toilets,I did,nt know at that time if it was my thing,though I would wank thinking of wanking off another man.I knew I was turned on by other mens cocks,I play football and had to be careful not to get a hard on when watching other guys shower after a match.When I entered the toilets two guys were standing at the urinal,I instinctivly knew they had been playing with each other.I went in one of the two cubicles,the other was occupied.

There was large hole between them,I immediately saw the guy next door wanking,he was making no attempt to hide it.I was nervous,but thought what the heck.I dropped my trousers and underpants and sat on the loo,his hand came through straight away and started playing with my cock even though I did,nt have a hard on.I immediately knew I liked it.While he was getting me hard I stripped naked.He pulled my cock through the hole and sucked me,I loved that.I was soon sucking his,I was hooked.

I sucked him off,I wanked off one guy and sucked off two more that evening,before a guy sucked me off.I,ve been into it since.I really enjoyed sucking yours off,its one of the biggest I,ve sucked.As he related his story I watched his cock harden out of the knickers.Have you had enough for today,he asked,looking at my still limp cock,I felt a little embarrassed.Would you like to watch me wanking myself off,he was so relaxed about this.I,ll watch you wanking but don,t come off yet,I,ll try to get some life into mine.

He stood up and removed the undies,he stood in front of me and wanked,smiling as he watched himself,like it he asked.lovely I replied.I played with myself as I watched him,I could feel myself getting hard.I spread my legs wide apart and wanked myself faster,I love your balls,he smiled.I stood up,play with them,he did.I want to wank myself off,he said,can you come off again.I did,nt reply,I just wanked faster and faster.He was matching my speed.His back arched,his hand squeesing hard on my balls.Only a couple of short spurts,but he kept wanking himself.I brought myself off,we were both laughing loudly.