Written by Wimslow Boy.

7 Dec 2011

I was 18 yrs old and had discovered that getting some vodka down me kept me from jacking off too quickly and also lowered my inhibitions.I'd known for a while that I was homosexual,like many a story on here it started with pictures of men in undies in my Mums catalogue and with just a little imagination perfect for masturbating.Then one day in the toilets by the car park in Wilmslow my first view through a gloryhole of a man wanking himself and I'm ejaculating all over the floor,I became a regular visiter.

At first it was a case of watching,sitting on the loo pants and undies down and masturbate.Then the notes through the gloryhole and then progressing to the first time I reached under the partition,by request,and held my first strangers erect cock and him gripping my hand and using it to wank himself off,I did'nt feel his spunk land all over my arm but when he'd finished using my hand and I took it back there it was,great globules of fresh creamy spunk,that was an instant hit with me I ejaculated right away.

I realised there was just a little bit of a problem,it was'nt lasting as long as I would have liked and I'd already read stories of how women could have orgasms one after another and still want more and I wanted to be like that.Then one day something upset me and I ended up going to an off licence and buying vodka,a half bottle of cheap stuff and when I'm masturbating that night I needed to go on for ever to get myslf to ejaculate and I'm thinking the perfect solution,and it was.

Next time i'm heading for the toilets I get myself a half bottle,I find an empty cubicle,it was,nt always possible,and in I go and take a few long swigs.Within minutes it hits the spot and I'm not only nearly drunk I'm feeling randier than usual and where normally I'd push my pants and undies down to my ankles I'm removing them.I'm in an end cubicle,there were four,I can see the chap next door to me is busy watching whats going on in the cubicle on the other side,but I can also see that he's naked,that was the first time I'd seen that and already being in a right randy mood that was really getting me going,I'm getting through the vodka and masturbating hard and fast.

My jacket and shirt comes off,my first time naked in a public toilet.At last he turns his attention to my cubicle,his eye comes to the gloryhole,I stand up and display the goods,the vodkas gone and I'm thinking how I would love to be in the cubicle with him.By now of course I know the script,when his eye leaves the gloryhole its your turn to watch him,hes wanking but also turning around slowly showing me everything,he bends down with his back to me,his legs spread to get a full view of his well dangled balls,with the help of the vodka,that was the first time I had a massive urge to penetrate another man,I could have gone in there and pushed into him.

There's a bit of a panic as I like every other chap in there hears the sound of the cleaner making a noise with his mop bucket,then he says right guys time to finish off whatever you're doing,its cleaning time,I don't think there was any doubt he knew the score,he must see a lot of spunk.As I'm leaving the chap from next door comes out of his cubicle,we just look at each other and head on out.

As we are outside he said to me,do you want a lift somewhere,perhaps if I had'nt been drunk I'd have said no,he could see I was unsteady,come on he said and I walked as well as I could to his car,the next stop was the car park of the local river,you could do with a walk I remember him saying and we both headed on down by the river.When we got to this secluded place,he knew where he was going,he stopped,its safe here he said and started to undress,you looked good in there,I was just going to get you to wank me off,I've not come off for a couple of days,then he said,you're a bit pissed,you should be carefull,you could be taken advantage of,then he said,are you stripping off or not,he's already completely naked,and hard.

I'm having a bit of a problem balancing so he helps me,I'm actually on my backside as he takes my undies off,then right away takes my cock into his mouth and starts to suck it,when he started doing it,it was'nt fully hard,but he just sucked it hard.I was'nt sure of what was happening but I know that within minutes I had his in my mouth sucking it.I don't know how long the session lasted but I can clearly remember the taste of his spunk in my mouth,and the texture and I can remember ejaculating in his mouth.

I used the vodka for a while after that but then began to get a bit more control and I suppose as I became more used to having sex with other men I did'nt rush things as much.