Written by DirtyUKman

11 Nov 2008

I was in the Bi NW room wanking on cam as i sometimes do when a guy from manchester whispered that he wanted to suck my cock.

A quick check of his profile showed me he had a great looking cock so Iagreed as long as I could suck his. No problem.

Twenty minutes later i was at his door.

He grabbed at my crotch and we stumbed into his bedroom.

Quick as a flash he had my cock out and in his mouth. After a few minutes of his mouth sliding over my pole I wanted some. So we both stripped off and I lay naked on his bed, my cock standing up rigid.

He cimbed on top of me and continued sucking me whist I took his cock in my mouth.

I just love having my cock sucked and I love havng a hard cock in my mouth. I took him as far down my throat as I could then slipped my hands round his bum and started to play with his arse.

That must have tipped it as the next thing I knew was he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his cum all over my chest.

He continued sucking and wanking me and I took his now spent cock back into into my mouth.

I just love a nice cock in my mouth.

Pretty soon I felt my build up and warned him, even though my mouth was full of his cock. Then I came, shooting all up my stomach.

We tidied up and I left.

I can't wait to do it again.