Written by Kev.

28 Apr 2011

I live on Merseyside and like most places now the public toilets have gone.I'm a 22 yr old guy who to his mates and everybody else is straight and I have had a few relationships with girls but I have a bit of a secret,I'm gay and I've got a bit of a fetish about undies,I know I should "come out" but I'm not ready.

I still remember the first time I had sex through a glory hole,I only lasted a couple of minutes before I came off all over his wrist but then once I got over the guilt I started to spend time looking for other toilets to have sex in.It was in a toilet that I first saw a guy with girls undies on,I can remember putting my arm through the gloryhole and feeling him through the soft material.

That was also the first time I had full contact sex with a guy in a toilet.He asked if he could come in to my cubicle to have sex and I said yes.He was naked except for the undies but he left his cubicle and came next door to me with his clothes in his hand,when I opened the door to let him in there were a couple of guys at the urinal,they just looked at him and did'nt bat an eyelid.

He was much more experienced than I was and he took the lead,even though I'd never been completely naked in a toilet before I did'nt object when he started to undress me.The toilet next door was already occupied by one of the guys from the urinal who just watched us as he wanked himself.One of the most erotic moments of my life was when he had stripped me down to my briefs and then he very slowly moved them down my legs and waited for me to step out of them.

I watched him as he lowered his tiny undies my cock litterally hurting it was so hard,lets see them on you he said,I want to suck your cock while you're wearing them.I can still feel the touch of the soft material as he brought them up my legs.There was of course no way my cock would fit inside them but once my balls were in them he held them through the still warm material from his own balls and started to suck my cock.

There was no point in trying to stop myself coming off,I simply could'nt,it felt like everything inside me was coming out through my cock,he kept licking and sucking until my cock was on the way down and he knew I'd want to leave,keep them on he said as I started to remove them,you look good in them,I did.

I've since then realised that undies have a certain attraction amongst older men,I go to dunes not too far from liverpool now for sex,my most recent visit was only a couple of weeks ago during the warm sunny spell.Theres a little spot in the dunes I know which is fairly isolated ,I stripped down to my own briefs,which are brief and white,invariably works.

At first I thought there was nobody about and it was'nt as warm as I'd have liked,but I needed to have sex.I heard the footsteps before I saw him,he walked almost right up to me pretending he had'nt seen me,sorry he said did'nt know there was anybody else around,I'd heard them all before.

He started to walk away then turned back and asked one of the oldest questions,have you got the time,he could see I was'nt wearing a watch.I stood up and picked up my jeans to get my watch,I could feel his eyes out on stalks,there are'nt many people around he said as I told him the time,you could be naked in a place like this and you'd not be seen,he was testing the water.

I like to keep a little cover on I said,not that I need a lot,I would'nt say that he said with a sly little laugh,I obliged him by also laughing,I could feel him thinking this guys pretty niaive.

I think its getting a bit warmer he said,mind if I join you,I thought it was later than that,I think I'll do like you've done and take advantage of this bit of sun,you do'nt mind do you,ok by me I said,he was'nt wasting time.He removed his shirt and teeshirt,he was well built probably 50+,he undid his belt and pushed his pants down but accidently his briefs went down with them,oops he said I'm exposing myself.

He did'nt immediately pull his briefs back up,he actually removed them with his pants and then proceeded to put them back on but he had managed to be completely naked for a short period but long enough for me to see he had a semi erect cock,which I let him see I did'nt have a problem about looking at.

Once his briefs were back on he made no attempt to conceal that his cock continued to get harder as he pretended he did'nt notice.I was sitting on the sand with my knees up,he decided to make his play,he sat beside me,white suits you he said,looking straight between my legs,do you always wear white,usually I said.

You've got muscular legs he said I can see you keep yourself fit,thanks I said,knowing where this was going.Yes his hand was on my leg,I lowered it slowly but his hand moved with it,his fingers were moving up my thigh,he was looking in my face to see my reaction,I knew a smile was all that was needed.

His fingers moved to my groin and touched my balls through my briefs,he looked in my face and I smiled again,that was all he needed and my cock was almost fully hard.His fingers moved along the outline of my cock and then lifted the waistband and went inside,very muscular he was saying very muscular as he took my cock in his fingers.

He got up on his knees and pushed his own briefs down releasing his rampant cock,wank me he said,kneel up and wank me.I obliged and he promptly pushed my briefs down and started to wank me,we knelt there facing each other and wanked each others cocks.

He came off much quicker than I expected delivering his spunk all over the sand and within minutes he'd left me there sexually frustrated but fortunately somebody had been watching the performance and was more than willing to finish the job.Kev.