Written by Gerry M.

29 Oct 2008

Close by a well known seaside resort theres a prom where at night you will find sex with a sranger.Gay sex that is. Visited there this summer.Ten o,clock at night just going dark. I walked along the prom.Guys sitting in the shelters. Cars parked up.A number of caravanettes there already.Headed for the toilets.Lights not yet on.Semi dark. Chap at the urinal wanking. I stand beside him and take my cock out.I,m semi erect already. He turns towards me. He,s fully erect.I watch him wanking as I wank myself to full hardness.We watch each other wanking for a couple of minutes. Did,nt notice there was somebody in one of the cubicles.He emerged completely naked.No standing on ceremony here. He stood wanking himself as he watched us.Another chap joined us.We did,nt bother to hide what we were doing.Not a word was spoken.He opened his trousers and took his cock out.He was soon hard.The chap from the cubicle joined us. We all three turned towards him.He got on his knees and took turns sucking our cocks.The chap who had just come in pointed to the naked chaps cubicle. The naked chap nodded.He got off his knees and they went to the cubicle.They did,nt bother to close the door.Within a minute they both emerged naked.We,re still wanking each other at the urinal.We turn to watch them.They take turns to suck each others cocks.One chap goes in the cubicle and returns with baby oil. He pours some on his hand and rubs it onto his cock,wiping the remainder between the other chaps cheeks.He goes back in the cubicle and returns sniffing poppers.He holds it to the other chaps nose. He breathes it in deeply,he has a second whiff.I go to him and he hands it to me.They don,t watste time,they are sexually wild.He,s behind him probing his arse with his cock. The baby oil drips from his balls.He bends over and pushes his arse onto his cock.His cock slides in effortlessly. He holds his hips as he pumps in and out.I could wank myself off watching this.The chap whos being fucked continues to wank himself.At the urinal we sniff the poppers. It has us both wanking like fuck.His cock,s going in and out faster. They,re in a doggy position. He,s really fucking him.They,ve moved closer to us as they try to keep on their feet.He,s done well to last this long. Suddenly he grunts loudly and rams his cock in as far as it will go.His arse cheeks tighten as he shoots his spunk.He withdraws his still hard cock gets toilet paper and cleans it.We all just stand wanking as we watch him.He dresses and leaves.The naked chap gets toilet paper and cleans the spunk from his arse.I go to him and give him the poppers. He takes a deep whiff. I grab his cock and wank him. He grabs my hand and tightens it on his cock and wanks really fast.Suddenly he,s on his knees sucking my cock. I undo my trousres and let them drop.He pushes my briefs to my ankles.His hands grip my cheeks .He,s trying to suck me off.I,m not ready .I pull my cock from his mouth.He lifts my teeshirt up.I step out of my trousers and briefs.I remove my teeshirt.I,m naked.My turn I go on my knees and suck his cock.I can still feel the baby oil on his cheeks.He pumps his cock into my mouth.I,m completely surprised when I feel his spunk explode into my mouth.He must have already come off earlier.There was,nt a good mouthfull.His cock was limp in seconds.He quickly dressed and left.I went and stood at the urinal naked.It was 11 o,clock. The lights had,nt come on,It was dark.The other chap had gone.I was alone naked.