Written by Unvirgined

10 Oct 2011

I went from my school directly to a religious order establishment,masturbation was a sin any thoughts about sex was a sin,I'd lie in my bed at night forcing myself to keep my hands off my cock and when it all became too much and I had to masturbate guilt became unbelievable.

At 18 I gave up the idea of religion,I knew I could'nt be celibate and indulged in a heaven of masturbation.I was a natural loner and would go for long rambles along a local and mostly deserted beach,sometimes I would stop in a secluded place and bring myself off.I'm walking along one day lost in my own thoughts,my eyes are drawn to a movement near some large rocks,as I got closer I recognised a mans back,at first I thought he was wearing trunks but as I got a bit closer trying not to let him see me I realised he was naked,I ducked behind some rocks,not really knowing why,and started to spy on him.

I did'nt think he'd seen me,he moved out a bit still with his back to me,I could see his arm moving and instantly knew he was pulling on his cock,I knew he was doing what I'd often done myself along here,he was masturbating,I'd never seen another man masturbating.I knew I should'nt be spying on him but I could'nt stop myself,I was aware that my own cock was hardening and I was having one of my urges to have a go myself.I knew absolutely nothing about gay sex,the only thing I really knew about sex was that a man put his cock up into the opening between a womans legs to get her pregnant and I knew that when I rubbed hard on my own cock when it was hard I'd "come off".

He turned around and for the first time I saw another man pulling on his fully hard cock and I'm really enjoying watching it and I'm wondering how long it takes him to make himself come off,it did'nt occur to me that I was being a bit of a perv.I undid my trousers and out my hand into my underpants and took hold of my own by now hard cock and I'm matching him pull for pull,loving it.

He goes behind the rock and when he appears again he's got a rucksack in his hand,he's still naked and he's still got a hardon,he takes out a pair of trunks and I watch as he puts them on,forcing his cock to one side to fit it in,I feel really disappointed as he starts to walk away,I'm wondering if he came off when he went behind the rock and a bit annoyed that I had'nt seen him come off,I wanted to see what that looked like.

He wanders off into the dunes nearby,just wearing his trunks and carrying his rucksack.When he's out of sight I went to where he'd been and being a right perv I looked on the sand behind the rock to see if I could see spunk,there was'nt any and there was'nt any on the rocks,it looked like he had'nt come off.

Eve though I'm a bit disappointed I'm still wanting to masturbate myself so I strip off,theres nobody anywhere in sight and I'm so sexed up from seeing him pulling on his cock I start to walk around with my cock in the air masturbating,rubbing the cheeks of my arse with my other hand.I wandered off a bit from the rock almost unaware of what I'm doing,just concentrating on pulling on my cock and still keeping the thought of him doing it in my mind.

I turned back toward the rock and nearly died,he was standing there,no trunks,naked again,he's pulling on his fully hard cock smiling at me,but now I'm only four yards away from him,but I'm also four yards away from my clothes.I stood looking at him my cock in my hand,I instinctively stopped masturbating,but he had'nt he's pulling away harder and faster on his and I could'nt stop myself looking at it.

It was a bit bigger than mine,why did that go through my mind,I suppose its a man thing.I've seen you a few times before he said,you like coming here for a wank,you've got a nice cock.I've seen you spunk twice in about half an hour on several occasions,I could do that myself once,but not anymore,it takes me ages to wank off these days,as he's talking he's moving closer to me,he's still wanking himself and I'm just standing there watching his hand move and just holding my own cock in my hand.

It was as if I was in a trance,he's right in front of me,still telling me what he's seen me doing with my cock,even when he reached and moved my hand off my cock I just let him do it.I felt my whole body spasm when he out his fingers around my cock and just squeesed tightly on it,I was aware of it throbbing and jerking in his hand,then his hand started to move,he was wanking me.I stood there looking down at his hands,one wanking himself the other wanking me and he's telling me what a fantastic cock I've got and how much he's enjoyed seeing me come off,watching how far I was shooting my spunk and how watching me had helped him to shoot his own spunk.

I'm aware that I'm moving my body so as to be pushing my cock in and out of his hand,I taking part in whats happening,its as if I can't stop myself.He starts to wank both our cocks faster and I know he's about to bring me off and theres nothing I can do about it.

He knows the score and continues to wank but moves more to one side,he knows theres spunk coming,its the first time I'm really aware of how far I can shoot my spunk,six maybe seven feet,and how much,things I'd never noticed before.

Then I saw the first of his,half the distance and no where near as much,but I loved watching it shoot from him and land on the sand.He slowed down as both our cocks began to lose hardness,then just playing with both of them till they were completely soft,I liked that.We exchanged names and arranged to meet again when it would be my turn to bring both of us off,I really was smiling for the next 24 hours.