Written by Jim

22 Jul 2012

I recently got chatting with a guy called Trevor on SH who was in his 60’s. He explained that he had just lost his wife and was looking for a bit of company in the evenings. He didn’t want to be with another woman as no one could replace his wife however admitted that he had always had gay feelings.

Being a 25 year old lad who had plenty of experiences sucking other men’s cock I suggested that we should meet. After a few months of indecision Trev finally agreed to meet up. I arrived at his house on a Friday evening and we had a long chat about his wife, life and his urges. Trev went on to explain that he had often fantasised about being with another guy when masturbating but never imagined he would actually have the opportunity to do anything about it.

Feeling horny and ready for some old cock I made the first move. I leant forward and kissed him. He responded and before I knew it we were rolling around on the sofa with each other’s tongues inside our mouths. I started rubbing Trevor’s crotch and smiled when I felt his 67 year old cock begin to stir. I had never sucked off such an old guy before. Normally my conquests are young 18-25 years olds. Trevor broke away and said he was nervous. I ignored his concerns and quickly unzipped his jeans. I removed his trousers and boxers and grabbed his fully hard dick. I gave it a few tugs before going down and giving him a blow job. I must admit the thought of sucking off this oap’s dick was really turning me on. Trev was definitely enjoying it and he started to moan quite loudly.

After 5 minutes or so I started paying some attention to his saggy balls. I just loved sucking testicles and couldn’t wait to have Trev’s old saggy salty balls in my mouth. Trevor’s concerns had now completely gone as he lay back on the sofa, allowing me to pleasure his aging genitals.

It wasn’t too long after that when Trevor shot his load in my mouth. I had never had so much thick creamy goo in my mouth. Trev must have had many years of spunk backed up. I smiled as I swallowed every last drop, satisfied that I had had my way with his mature dick. Trevor smiled at me and said thank you. He said that it had been a while since he had felt that good. I smiled back and said the fun wasn’t over yet! I flipped him around and went down on his ass. Licking his bum hole. I was preparing him for my cock. I needed to fuck this old guy. I needed to bring him completely over to the dark side.

I spat on my hand and rubbed my spit all over my dick. Trev was now on all fours, completely under my control. He knew what was going to happen. He knew that I was going to have my dirty way with his mature ass.

I went in bareback (risky I know, but I was so horny). I penetrated his virgin ass and started to fuck him as hard as I could. I couldn’t be assed (excuse the pun) to be gentle or caring. This bit was for me. I needed a good fuck it had been so long. Trevor let out a loud cry. He was obviously not enjoying it as much as I was! His tight asshole felt amazing against my smooth young cock. I was moaning quite loudly as I continued to stab his asshole. Trev eventually was beginning to enjoy it. He was mimicking my fucking motion. Our balls slapping against one another. It was a really sexy moment. I started spanking his wrinkled bottom as I could feel myself near the end. I leant forward and kissed his back. I grabbed hold of his now hard cock and started tugging on that whilst I still continued to fuck his ass. I started shouting dirty things to him as he started to groan louder. “You’re nothing but a filthy queer.” “You’re a dirty old man, do you like it when I fuck your ass?” “I bet you’ve wanked over the thought of me fucking you, haven’t you, you little bender.”

Trev bless him was really moaning now. I had to be careful, didn’t want him to have a heart attack whilst we were in the middle of our horny fuck session!

I shot my load deep into Trevor’s tight ass. He let out a cry as my hot sticky goo filled him up. I slid out and lapped up my own seed ( I loved doing that).

Trevor turned to me and kissed me. I let him tasted some of my goo and told him to swallow it. He did so obediently. We then tidied ourselves up and I left! Best shag ever? It’s certainly up there and that’s the god’s honest truth. I think I’ve found a new fetish ;)