Written by vfrrider

9 Jul 2010

I'd been working in Martin's house for a couple of days and we had been getting on really well. His wife was disabled and was away on holiday so I was getting some alterations done for them while she was away.

I needed to check something with Martin and went to find him. He was in his study and when I came in he suddenly switched his computor screen off and looked very guilty.

'Sorry' he said'force of habit I was watching some porn'

'Well don't mind me, i'm pretty broadminded and like a bit of porn myself'

Martin blushed a bit 'this is probably not what you are into' but he turned the screen back on. Two guys were wrestling, naked on a mat. Their cocks were semi erect and they were grabbing at each other.

'God, I've probably realy offended you' said Martin. I told him that he hadn't and it looked quite horny 'it gets even hornier in a minute' he said.

I sat next to him and watched as the two guys grappled and eventually one managed to get on top of the other and hold him down. Their cocks were rubbing together and were now fully hard. 'are you enjoying it' Martin asked me, 'Yes I am' i replied and could feel my cock getting hard.

We watched some more and one of the guys got into a position were he was sucking the other guys cock. Mine was now hard in my trousers and I could see that Martins was making a bulge in his shorts. Eventually the winner was declared and the loser was soon on his knees infront of him sucking his lovelly cock until he spunked all over his face.

Martin asked 'have you ever done anything like that?' I told him that i'd messed about with a mate at school and felt our cocks get stiff as we did but it hadn't gone any further. 'Would you like it to have?' he asked.

I could see he was turned on and felt we were on the same wavelength so I told him that the video looked really horny and it could be fun to do.

'Well I've got some mats in the garage and I'd love to try it out if you would'.

I was really randy and wasn't going to refuse and followed him to his garage. Martin pulled out some mats ' We used to excercise quite a bit before my wife got ill and these haven't been used for a while' He explained.

We were soon both naked and rolling around on the mat together. His cock was brushing against me and it felt fantastic. I'd done some judo when I was younger and managed to position myself on top of Martin. Our cocks were rubbing together and the delicious feeling was unlike anything I'd felt before. Martin was trying to get free but I was holding his wrists so he couldn't move very easily. I let go and we moved apart.

'I think you won that round' Martin gasped. 'Well you know what comes next then don't you'. He looked at me and nodded. I stood up and he came towards me on his knees. I watched as he took my stiff cock in his mouth and began sucking me. His tounge worked around my knob and he was massaging my shaven balls as he continued to suck. 'God, you are good at that' I told him. He looked up at me and his left hand went to his own swollen cock. Like me he was shaved around his balls and his large circumcised helmet was swollen and looked gorgeous.

'Time for round two' I told him and pushed him away from my cock before I spunked all over him. We wrestled for a few more minutes and I managed to get my mouth around his knob an a couple of occaisions. It felt warm and beautifully stiff in my mouth. I was suddenly aware that he was on top of me and he was holding me down with his knees accross my shoulders. 'That's one to me'. he gasped with the exertion, both our bodies were hot and we were sweating.

'I agree' was all I could manage to say. Martin laid back on the mat and I positioned myself between his legs to give him his reward. His knob slid into my mouth and I sucked him as deep into me as I could. He groaned as I licked up and down his shaft and stroked his balls. I was hornier thatn I'd ever been and was totally engrosed with his cock. He was thrusting up to meet me and I could tell he was close to cumming. I turned around and positioned myself over him in a sixty nine position and he took my cock greedliy into his mouth and began rolling his tounge around my knob. I was alternately wanking and sucking him and we were both groaning with the sheer hornyness of what we were doing. I felt him thrusting harder to meet my mouth and suddenly he moaned 'god I'm cumming you fucking randy cunt'. I gripped his cock and wanked him with my lips brushing around his knob. His first jet of sunk hit my lips and then several more shot over my hand and his belly. My own orgasm was approaching and I turned around and straddled him accross his chest holding the back of his head as I fucked his mouth.

'Oh fuck yes I'm cumming now you cunt' i screamed, I pulled my cock out of his mouth and wanked furiously as jets of spunk hit his face covering him in my thick jizz.

I rolled off him and we lay panting for a few minutes befor ecleaning ourselves up. We now meet as often as we can to indulge our love of sex wrestling. Martin has evolved into the more submissive and enjoys being 'beaten' mare than winning which suits me.We have extended our repertoire of moves and now finger each other's arses as part of our bouts which gets us even hornier - if that's possible!