Written by Steve

5 Oct 2019

This is something that happened a week ago, at the weekend. I am a single guy 42 years old, fit and have a good job. I enjoy the gym and work out a fair bit, I am also bi sexual and so enjoy the best of all worlds. Anyway I live opposite a pub in London and last Saturday I was having a lunch time drink. I was dressed in chinos, a shirt and deck shoes. The pub was quiet for a Saturday I was standing at the bar. A young guy came in and ordered a pint, he was very good looking, toned body and lovely dark eyes and Mediterranean skin and younger. Definitely my type.

I said hi to the guy and we started to chat; his name was Jake and he had moved to the area as he was starting university. I bought us another drink and we sat at a table. He was studying history and enjoyed the gym and running. I was convinced that he was gay, as we were flirting quite heavily. I asked him what he was looking for ward to besides uni, and he said exploring some alternative bars and pubs and I asked what that meant and he said meeting "friends of Dorothy"; and I said so you are gay, and he nodded, I said that is wonderful and I am sure we will get on very well. At that point I stroked his leg and he stroked mine. We then started talking about what we enjoyed, he said that he was versatile and I said that I was too, and he said he loved rimming and being blown and I said I give great blow jobs; he stroked my crotch and I stroked his and was pleased that he felt like a big boy,

I suggested that we went back to my house and have some drinks and fun, he said the fun sounds perfect, once in the house I opened a coupe of beers and put on a gay porn DVD, we sat on the settee and started to kiss and grope each other we played with each other's nipples and soon our shirts were off, and then we stood and took off our trousers and neither of us were wearing pants, we kissed and I got to my knees and admired his very big, cut cock, it was very thick too. I licked his cock and then started to take the length in my mouth and soon got into a rhythm, he got hold of my head and started to face fuck me, groaning loudly, saying fuck take it deeper slag fuck fuck; after a while He told me to lay on the settee and he proceeded to give me a very expert deep throat, I came into his throat.

He then rimmed my arse and pinched my nipples, then he pulled my legs so i was almost bent double and slowly entered my arse, he really stretched my hole and when balls deep he started to fuck me getting faster and rougher as he got going, slapped my face telling me I was a whore and fucked and fucked me; it was about twenty minutes before he stiffened and spurted loads of cum up my arse. we both kissed and rested, we then went upstairs to the bedroom and I fucked Jake, he was nicely tight and very responsive to being fucked; when I came we hugged and kissed, I went downstairs and got more drink, and we watched more porn on the TV in the bedroom. We fucked a few more times not getting up until the next morning.

Jake stayed over until Monday and is a good lover, loves rough sex times which I do, he likes to be in charge in the bedroom, and I am found with that. I hopefully will see him again, he was a great fuck