Written by benwickham

10 Aug 2008

so ive decided to go shopping , im looking round a well known store and kept bumping into this young guy ! we smiled and even laughed he said we should stop meeting like this !

anyway i selected a couple of pairs of trousers to try on and went into the changing rooms walked to the end and went in as i was going in he followed me and went in the one oppersite

he pulled the curtain but not all the way across so i had mine at the same he started to take his jeans off with his back to me wow he was commando he then turned round and i could see he had a nice long cock hanging down cut mmmmm i took my trousers off and stood there in my jeffbanks black pants by now my cock was getting stiff ! i touched it and it felt good as i looked across he was smiling again and he was also now rubbing his cock jeez !! it started to grow and soon he was wanking a good 7inches of hard cock in his hand

i thought oh so i pulled my straing cock out and wanked it as well well b4 i knew it he was across and into my changing room he strightaway got down on his knees and started to suck me !

i was very scared of getting caught so i told him to stop and i told him top go back to his room

anyway i got dressed and left he followed me once outside he asked if id like to go back to his flat which was quite close by i said sure it would be much safer there

when we arrived he quickly undressed me and himself and started again to really suck on my cock he then asked me to give him a good fucking, well he was soon lubed up and he moaned like hell when i slipped into him i started to ride him like there was no tomorrow i could feel i was going to cum so i told him when he asked me if i would give him a facial with it ,i pulled out and stream after stream of hot cum covered his face , some he caught in his mouth which he swallowed with glee

he then started to cum himself into the palm of his hand and again he licked all his own spunk up !!

he told me he had seen me before and he was hoping to get into my pants lol well he sure did that and ive arranged to go back to his flat and im taking a mate of mine round so we can spitroast him

ill report back on that encounter when it happens

oh and i never got to try on them pants !!