Written by Shortslover

13 Sep 2011

I couldnt stop myself from getting turned on looking at men wearing running shorts.I bought some which were very small and Id wear them to wank myself off.Sometimes Id wank myself off 3 times a day.I couldnt stop doing it.Where I was living I went in the mens toilet one day and there was a fella in there he was wearing only a pair if running shorts and he had his dick out of the leg and I could see he was wanking himself.Id never seen somebody else wanking before and it really turned me on.I wished I was wearing my shorts but anyway I stood there and watched him.He even turned in my direction so I could see his full dick and his balls.He asked me to wank him but I said no somebody might come in but I wanted to wank him.I wanted to feel if his dick felt like my own and what happened to somebody else when they were coming off.I said I would be down in the dunes nearby later and Id wank him off then and I left.I went back to my room and I stripped off I was dying to wank but I didnt.I put my shorts on and I cycled back to the dunes.I didnt know if hed be still there.

I looked in the gents and he had gone so I went down to the dunes.I left my bike and walked into them.Some men that I saw looked at me in my shorts and 2 of them said hello to me and asked me if I was alright.I could see them looking at my shorts.that was turning me on I was wanting to wank myself.Then I saw him he was standing smoking a cigarret his shorts looked even shorter than they had in the toilet.He turned and looked at me and said hiya I didnt think youd be back.I like the shorts.I like the body.follow me.

I walked after him and he went further along into the dunes.then he stopped in a deep hollow and turned back in my direction.I didnt know that as he was walking along he had taken his dick out and he was wanking himself.You ready he said you got a hardon.I did and I wanted him to see it.He pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them he had nothing on underneath.He didnt have any hair hed shaved it off.With nothing on his dick looked huge.You going to wank me he said.I want you to wank me.Do you want me to wank you while your doing it.I agreed.Take your shorts off he said.I did.Take them off as well he said when he saw my knickers.I did.

Do you want to wank me standing up or do you want to kneel down.but before I could do anything he was already wanking me.Come on he said wank me.Id never felt anything like it even though it was a bit like wanking my own dick.I could feel his dick was different but because he was wanking mine at the same time it was a bit confusing.One of the men whod spoken to me earlier had come close to us and just stood there watching and he was wanking himself.Then I started to cum.I didnt want to but couldnt stopp myself.I think it was because I hadnt wanked since the previous night and I was needing to come off.I was made up when he started to cum just after me.We stood there shooting spunk onto the sand.When wed finished he said cheers lad and out his shorts back on and walked away.The other man asked me if Id wank him off and even though I didnt really need to just then I did wank him off.That was the first 2 dicks I wanked off.I used to go back to the dunes a lot in just my shorts.There was always loades of dick there.