Written by GRAHAM

10 Jan 2012

I was very interested in the story by the young man on here who was suffering so much guilt about masturbating and having homosexual feelings,also the supportive comments from other readers.I'm a bit older than him,I'm 21,but like him I'm not a very outgoing person and don't make friends that easily,but interestingly somebody who has become a very close friend is the pastor of the church with which I'm involved and this came about through my secret homosexual and transvestite inclinations.

Like the other young man my mother raised me on my own and I can clearly remember the first time I "came off" in my sleep,luckily I was wearing my briefs under my pyjames and to hide my embarrassment I dropped them in the toilet bowl and told my mum it was an accident,I quickly learned that to prevent it happening again masturbating using toilet paper before going to sleep solved the problem,but I'm convinced that "cumming" in my briefs like that started my little fetish about undies,which up to becoming friendly with the pastor was confined to masturbating while looking through my bedroom window at the sexy little undies the lady next door to us hung out on her clothes line.

The pastor has a cat and a dog and while I was helping in the church one day he asked me if I'd mind his house for a few days while he attended a conference,he said he'd like me to sleep there to keep the animals company,my mum thought it was an excellent idea,he showed me where I could sleep in the spare bedroom and also told me to feel free to use his computer.

I know I should'nt have done it but I clicked on one of his "favourite" sites and quickly realised I was in a porn site and then there were others,they were mostly gay sites and then there were "shemen",transexual and transvestite sites,I was completely shocked that a man of the church would go on sites like these.

They were a first for me and I found myself becoming more sexually aroused than I'd ever known before in my life,I found myself removing all my clothes and though I wanted so badly to masturbate myself off I also did'nt want to spoil the sexual feelings I was experiencing by "cumming", I spent hour after hour going through the sites,masturbating all the time but not ejaculating,wanting to keep that for later.

When I eventually went to my room,tissues at the ready,planning to do the deed in my bed,still naked I went in his bedroom and started being nosey.What I'd seen on the computer was one thing,now there was something more.One drawer was filled with female undies,everything,bras,stockings,suspender belts and of course dozens of little sexy briefs,underneath them were magazines filled with young men wearing female undies,most of them in a state of sexual arousal and masturbating and others engaging in mutual masturbating or oral sexual activity,I took one of the magazines to my bed and did what I'd denied myself for hours,I masturbated.

Like the other young man I suffered terrible guilt feelings the following day,despite having woken up with an aching erection.By evening time the guilt had gone and I was back on the computer,but now I was'nt naked,I had succumbed to the desire to wear the female undies,much the same pattern as the previous evening but this night I went to my bed in the sexy undies to experience even a more powerful ejaculation than on the previous night,I slept wearing the undies,needing to wash the briefs and put them on the radiater to dry.

That evening might have been just a repeat of the previous two,and up to a point was,I was wearing a full set of unbelievably sexy undies,watching two young men having sex with each other,I was masturbating.He was'nt due back till the following day,I never heard him come in the house,I nearly died when the door was suddenly opened and he was standing there,I have no idea which of us was more shocked,nothing was said for what seemed forever,what could I say,I was dressed in female undies my erect penis in my hand standing out of a pair of sexy female briefs.

Not a word was spoken.he walked towards me,I was petrified,what was he going to do.He moved my hand from my penis and took it in his and started to masturbate me,he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my lips onto his and kissed me on the mouth,his tongue finding its way inside.

His hands were all over my body,he was moaning softly,he started to undress and still nothing was said.I had never been up close to a naked man,it was about to happen,I watched him push his underpants down already aware that he was in a state of sexual arousal,it looked huge,much larger than my own,he pulled me onto him and I felt the heat and smelt his sex.

He was almost dragging me to his bedroom,feeling my body as we went,he pushed me onto his bed and climbed onto me,his hand seeking and finding my penis and he is masturbating me again,he takes my hand and moves it to his powerful throbbing penis and closes my fingers around it and starts me masturbating him.

I'd not long before seen it on the computer,we were masturbating each other.Never having had such an experience before my ability to prevent myself ejaculating was zero,neither had I ever "cum" like that before,it felt like I was never going to stop.I was only vaguely aware that he was "cumming" at the same time,I thought the heat of the semen on my tummy was just my own,but it was also his.

I visit him at his house now when I need sexual relief or indeed when he needs it,we enjoy dressing for each other.I realise you can be a good churchgoer and also have a fullfilling sex life,in my case they are intertwined.